Unique Solution for PDF Bates Numbering!

Users dealing with PDF documents have frequent urge to manage these documents in different ways. Many organizations need to stamp a text-based content or number stamp on the PDF documents so as to manage them in a much better way. And for this, numbering is done on all the PDF files maintaining a series. It is needful in many law firms, government organization, legal documents, and investigation corporations to add page numbers on various document types. These various document types include; disclaimer statements, copyright notices, official pages, notices, offer letters, rules and regulation lists, etc. So is it possible to stamp PDF files without installation of Adobe Acrobat?

Answer is Yes! I have gone through many options available and found one evident form of technology. This has brought up an approach to perform action of numbering PDF file pages in different ways. This PDF bates numbering tool puts a visible stamp to all the pages of the PDF file as per your need. The stamp can be created by you as per your need. The numbering procedure is done on batch PDF files altogether and you will not need to put the stamp one by one on each page. This software is available online and is in a downloadable form. You need not to work on every page with this tool separately, what you have to do is; load files-create a stamp-and stamp it. Let’s see, what is does exactly;

How This Software Will Stamp Your PDF Files?

This software is a graphical based tool and hence easy to execute. Stamping PDF file with this software is much like you do a rubber stamp to physical paper document. There are various options using which you can create a stamp of your choice and then apply them to all the PDF files. When you will print these stamped PDF files, it will be printed along with this stamp.

  • Initially you have to run this PDF Bates Numbering software. You will be able to see many options in Main Menu, click on the Bates option to proceed with the numbering process.


  • This will take you to the multiple options provided by the software amongst which you can select one as per your requirement;
    • Generate Bates Numberer – This will simply stamp Bates number to selected PDF files.
    • Generate Bates Number for File Series – This will let you create a stamp as a combination for pages of multiple PDF files. Combination will be created for PDF file page and series.
    • Print PDF option helps you take print directly after stamping the PDF files.


  • After this come the adding PDF options where you can add single PDF file via Add File option, add a folder with PDF files using Add Folder Once file(s) is added check the option of Remove Encryption from PDF and click Next.


  • Now create your own stamp as per the option chosen by you. If you chose combination then combination options will be provided and if you chose series for pages then only one set of stamp will be provided. Provide the Prefix, Suffix, Number of Digits, Start Number and Increment By There is also option of Additional Text and its positioning if you want it to be added. Once done click Next.


  • Now comes positioning settings, there are some predefined positions where this stamp can be applied. Provide position as Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, etc. color, font settings can also be done here. Select the destination path where you want to save these stamped documents and then click Next.


  • A complete summary of what settings you have made will be shown in same window along with a preview of the stamp which will be generated.


  • You can preview the outcome using Preview option, once you have checked the output PDF file, click Generate. This will generate stamped PDF files with the Bates numbering and save it to the destined folder provided by you.


Procedure is very simple and the dual options of creating Bates numbering is most effective feature of this software. This is because “bates in series” option helps to link multiple PDF files belonging to same domain through a series stamp. Another plus point is multiple PDF files can be stamped without any size or number limitation. Software comes with a demo version but has a limitation of putting a watermark in the stamped documents.


PDF file format itself is a boon for data management with its interesting features, rich text, security, printable quality, and much more. But additional tools like PDF Page Numbering lets you take benefits of PDF files in much advance way. Such tools processes these PDF files effectively and lets you perform data management in much organized manner. So if your need is to number your important PDF documents, this software is a thumbs up option!