Panasonic HC-V770 Review

The Panasonic HC-V770 is a top HD-only 1080 camcorder from Panasonic. When the company released their flagship models the HC-VX870 and HC-WX970 boasting their 4K features, it made the HC-V770 its leader in the 1080p recording class.

The HC-V770is based around a 1/2.3in 12.76 megapixel CMOS found in Panasonics HC-W850.It allows you to capture scenes with its 20x Optical Zoom in detail or boost it to 50x with the Intelligent Zoom which it harnesses from the 12.76MP sensor. The other 6.03 megapixels are used to take crisp videos and photos which surpasses Full HD quality while the remaining sensor resolution is put to use in the Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization. This enables the HC-V770 to compensate for horizontal, vertical and rotational movement compensation along its axis. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode makes use of Intelligent Contrast to capture back lighted subjects without adjusting the brightness up using the backlight compensation.The combination of these features makes it a very effective camera.


  • You can record in slow-motion up to 120 fps in 1080p and 240fps in 720p
  • The 5 axis HYBRID Optical Image Stabilizations ensures steady footage even when walking.
  • The wireless twin camera system gives you creative space and adds functionality  to your smartphone


  • It has no lens ring included
  • The sensor is smaller than a DSLR


  • Optical Zoom: The camera has a 20x optical zoom, boosted to 50x with Intelligent Zoom.
  • DigitalZoom:The camera has a 60x/1500xdigital zoom
  • Image Sensor and ResolutionIt has a 1/2.3” BSI MOS Sensor with 12.76 MP
  • Video Capture ResolutionIt has 6.03 megapixels (16×9)
  • Still Capture ResolutionIt has 6.03 megapixels (16×9)
  • Image Stabilizer: The image stabilizer technology used is HYBRID O.I.S.
  • Media Format Digital VideoThe item can store in a SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards
  • Video Capture Format HD: The camcorder captures and stores the video files in MP4 format
  • Color: The item comes Black color


  1. Transcend 32GB SecureDigital (SDHC) 300x UHS-1 Class 10 Memory Card
  2. Precision Design Digital Camera / Camcorder LED Video Light with Bracket
  3. PD 50″ PD-50PVTR Compact Travel Tripod
  4. PD-C20 Digital Camera/Camcorder Case
  5. PD SD/SDHC &MicroSD HC Card Reader
  6. PD 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit
  7. PD 8 SD / 2 MicroSD Memory Card Case
  8. PD Universal LCD Screen Protectors


The AEE S70 Action Cam Price

The AEE S70 Action Cam can usually be purchased at $223.47with freeshipping when purchased online.

What customers have to say about the camcorder:

“Haven’t used it a lot, but what video I have captured has been really terrific. The quality is crystal clear on my computer and 65 inch TV. The iPad/phone control of the device is just fantastic and could be a tool someone could use for many, many uses.”

“The contents of the bundle are clearly well picked – they weren’t just trying to fill the box with junk – they have picked out the essentials that are useful and of decent quality.

The video quality is perfect for the projects I create for a pet youtube channel where a 4k priced camera would be going overboard. It is lightweight and a good size for holding (not overly large or small). The autofocus option is surprisingly smooth when zooming in and out.”

“The Camcorder is crystal clear with an amazing zoom with many other features. The memory card works fine and has room for many shots. The external light is a bit more brighter than the built in light, but the built in light is still bright. The tripod works for me along with the SD card reader that I needed for my desktop. It also came with a lense cleaning kit and a bag that will fit everything accept for the tripod.”

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