Nokia Lumia 630: Rumours, Specifications, Features, Price and Availability

When Nokia partnered with Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, there was a huge uproar amongst Nokia fans. It was a big risk considering Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile platforms have the first-mover advantage and both Nokia and Microsoft have to play catch up with them. Well, few years later Nokia’s Lumia series of Windows Phone devices have become a good contender in the competitive mobile market.

Even though Nokia has gone the Android way with the announcement of three smartphone in the Nokia X family, it has managed to keep the family below the Lumia lineup. This indicates that the manufacturer will continue putting its resources on the development of WP smartphones and we’re already hearing rumours about the next device in this range.

Nokia Lumia 630 with Lumia 620

What’s different about this device? There are several factors that make this device notable, although it’s just a mid-range smartphone. Rumoured as the Lumia 630, it’ll be the successor to the Nokia Lumia 620. The Lumia 630 will be the first device to run on Microsoft’s Windows Phone version 8.1, which will bring a host of new capabilities to it.

Let’s take a look at the rumours and speculations of the Nokia Lumia 630-


This is the first thing that we notice about any device, and according to several leaks, Nokia fans are in for a surprise as the device front will be quite different from other Lumias. It’ll be the first WP handset with software navigation keys instead of capacitive buttons, one of the major change in the upcoming OS.


Being a mid-range device, the Lumia 630 will feature a 4.5-inch display. The resolution of the display will be 854 x 480 pixels.


The Nokia Lumia 630 will get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, however the clock speed of the cores aren’t confirmed.


The processing of the smartphone will be backed by 1GB RAM. The smartphone will offer an 8GB internal storage that can be further extended with the help of a microSD card.


Unfortunately at this point of time, there’s no information about the photographic abilities of the device.


This is another big change in this smartphone compared to other devices in the Lumia series. It’ll be the first WP device with the availability of dual-SIM slots. This will definitely make the device a good option to buy in emerging countries like India. Other connectivity options in the device will be standard such as 2G/3G support with rumours pointing that it might have 4G LTE support as well, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and GPS.

Operating System

As mentioned earlier, it’s set to be the first smartphone to come with the WP 8.1, which will bring several features to the OS. The first would be a centralized notification center, which has been missing in the OS and has been one of the major complaints against it. Rumours also suggest the availability of a transparent start screen or ability to add custom images in the background.

The OS will also be offering a voice-based assistant codenamed Cortana to take on Siri and Google Now.

Release Date

The Nokia Lumia 630 might be unveiled in Microsoft’s BUILD conference to be held in the month of April. It’ll be going on sale in the subsequent months.