Nokia Guru: NFC Capable iPod Nano like Music Player rumored to launch Soon

It is a known fact that erstwhile leading manufacturer Nokia is not in a very good shape right now. Even after being acquired by Microsoft, its future is not very clear. However, it doesn’t mean that the company will stop launching its products. On October 22, the company is holding a press event in Abu Dhabi. And not just one or two device, the rumors suggest that the manufacturer will be launching 6 devices. They will be a mixture of its smart feature phones under Asha brand and its WP powered Lumia devices, namely Asha 500, 502 & 503, Lumia 525, 1520, 2520. There are also some speculations for the possible specs of these devices; however,this is not the focus of the article. Today we’ve a new leak which suggests that Nokia might be launching a device which looks like an iPod Nano. The image has been shared by renowned Twitter leaker@evleaks,and it is, needless to say,that his leaks have always been correct.

Nokia Guru

Dubbed as Nokia Guru, the account also tells that the device will be compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC is fairly new technology to communicate between two devices for faster sharing of content or even making payments by a simple tap together. Thus NFC will enable one tap playing of music over Guru from any NFC device without going through the tiring process of pairing.

Not much is known apart front these things, though the image does gives an idea about the device and its working. In terms of design, it is very small and portable and thus can also be clipped on. It has no screen which means that the music playback can only be controlled by the relevant buttons at the front. At the sides, it has standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and a micro USB cable. We believe it could be used for charging as well as data transfer. It might also have Bluetooth connectivity so that it can be connected with the mobile phone to play music or make calls. But it can also be used as a standalone device for playing music.

There is no idea about its storage capacity and whether or not it will support external memory cards. Its battery life also remains unknown.

Though, not confirmed we might see it as early as tomorrow’s press event.