Google unveils Nexus 9 Tablet, Nexus 6 Phone and Nexus Player Streamer along with Android Lollipop

Finally, Google unveiled the most anticipated Nexus 9 tablet along with Nexus 6 phone and Nexus Player Streamer. None other than these have launched this year with much attention. Nonetheless, we must look forward on checking out these products along with rolling out of Android Lollipop. For a while now, the Nexus family’s future has been up in the air and after much speculations we have new members in the Nexus family.

Nexus 9 Tablet

The tablet, Nexus 9 is one among the most anticipated devices this year and is meant to showcase the Google’s new offering, Android Lollipop. This new platform features terrific characteristics which will definitely going to attract users to an extent.

Google Nexus 9 Tablet

Nexus 9 Specifications

Nexus 9 is a product of collaboration between Google and HTC. This tablet features 8.9 inches display and ambles on Android 5.0 Lollipop. It will be available in two versions i.e. Wi-Fi version which weighs about 425 grams and LTE version which weighs about 436 grams. This tablet is powered by 2.3GHz dual-core processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 and the LTE version of this tablet includes Qualcomm MDM9625M modem.

For Wi-Fi version, Nexus 9 will be available in two storage capacities i.e. 16GB as well as 32GB whereas for LTE version, it will be available only with storage of 32GB. This tablet also features RAM of 2GB with 8 megapixels rear camera and 1.6 megapixels front-facing. Furthermore, it is equipped with BoomSound speakers which are front-facing and packs 6,700mAh battery.

Nexus 9 Release Date in India

Google will launch Nexus 9 on 3rd November but customers can pre-order the product from 17th October.

Nexus 9 Price in India

Nexus 9 tablet will be made available with a price starting from 24,000 INR to 33,600 INR according to the versions available.

Nexus 6 Phone

The Nexus 6 phone is a product of collaboration between Motorola and Google. In terms of its design, it retains the quality and looks as similar to Moto X with a metallic frame but packs larger screen size. In simple terms, we can call Nexus 6 “A Monster” because it packs a husky processor package along with full-HD display which is really impressive. With new Android offering, Lollipop, Nexus 6 will bring in various improvements.

Google Nexus 6

Nexus 6 Specifications

Nexus 6 featuring 5.96 inches AMOLED display with pixel density of 493ppi and weighs about 184 grams. It is equipped with on-board internal memory in two versions, 32GB and 64GB along with RAM of 3GB. It boasts camera of 13 megapixels with 2 megapixels front-facing camera. This phone is a collaboration of Motorola with Google and ambles on Android 5.0 Lollipop which is a new offering by the company. It is powered by 2.7GHz quad-core Krait processor and packs 3,330mAh battery.

Nexus 6 Release Date in India

Nexus 6 will be released in India by the starting of next year in January.

Nexus 6 Price in India

Nexus 6 will be available with a price tag of 44,600 INR in India.

Nexus Player Streamer

The Nexus Player streamer by Asus is the first device which will run as an Android TV. This device will showcase the Android’s new offering, Lollipop.

Google Nexus Player Streamer

Nexus Player Streamer Release Date in India

This streamer player will be released in India along with Nexus 9 tablet around first week of November but customers can pre-order it from 17th October itself.

Nexus Player Streamer Price in India

This streamer player will be made available in India with a price tag of  Rs. 6,000.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Finally, Google released the official version of Android L and it will debut with three Nexus devices tablet, phone and a player streamer. In few coming weeks, it will be made available for all Nexus devices. New features are mainly the visual enhancements as well as the changes in its UI which is now called as a Material Design. It has got a new platform loaded with impressive fluid animations as well as clearer colour palette design and a multitasking menu.

It is one of the biggest release by Google as well as the most efficient and significant one in terms of its visual updates. This update is basically the foundation of the overall platform and Google is trying hard to push the Android in order to have it connected to every device in future. This update features more than 5,000 new APIs as well as is flexibly designed and the largest release by the company. Users can customise this Android according to their requirements and is basically designed to be shared.

Android Lollipop

What are your views about Nexus’s release of trio products as well as about the Android Lollipop?