Mobile Sports Betting on the Increase

Today, whatever you need to do in life you can usually organise it on your phone. That’s the way of the world and it’s inevitable that any type of service will be available through an app eventually.

One area that is booming in terms of being accessed through apps is mobile betting, but apart from the numbers of people choosing to gamble in this way, the fact that you can now place bets on the move is changing the way we approach gambling.

Mobile Sports Betting

Research carried out in late 2013 showed that 4.3% of people in the UK who owned an iPhone have one or more sports betting apps on their phone.

The betting market has traditionally been male-dominated, but there are signs that this is changing as more female gamblers decide to make use of the mobile betting apps.

Betting on the move has obvious appeals. If you’re stuck on your journey back from work, it doesn’t matter, you can still get a bet on the match you’re going to watch wherever you get internet access. Similarly, if you are out watching a game or sports event and want to put an in-play bet on, you can do this via the mobile app.

There are plenty of apps for consumers to choose from. And whether you have android, iPhone, or blackberry for a device, it doesn’t matter as all the apps are designed to be compatible. Most people will probably choose to go with the same bookmaker’s or betting exchange site that they’ve always used when choosing a betting app. In general, people know what they like and stick to it.

However, there are always interesting promotions to take advantage of when you start using a new betting app. Many of the companies with betting apps offer incentives like free bets when you place your first bet through the app, so it’s clear why people choose to have more than one betting app on their phone. The betting apps are designed to make placing bets as simple as possible – in order, of course, to encourage people to use them more and spend more money this way.

The UK is one of the world’s leading nations in terms of the mobile gambling market and companies in the US are watching what happens in the UK closely. It is likely that real-money gambling will soon be legalised across the US, in similar legislation as that recently seen in New Jersey and the potential market is huge. Once the US is able to gamble via apps, there’ll be an even greater take-up of mobile betting and we’re likely to see the apps becoming ever more sophisticated.