Mobile App Wimble by Finnish Startup Mekiwi Oy

Finnish technology sector is known of mobile phone revolution led by Nokia back in the day. Nowadays it is more known of mobile games led by Rovio and Supercell. These well-known players have inspired many others to step out with their ideas. Finnish startup scene is flourishing on the background.

Just a while ago we got positive news about raised funding: Finnish-based startup company CyberLightning managed to raise $4.2M for bringing 3D user interface to industrial “Internet of Things” monitoring. And now there is another startup stepping out from Oulu: Mekiwi Oy has launched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their mobile application Wimble. We decided to take a closer look into Wimble as it seems to be very promising application combining mobile technology and gamification together.

Wimble is a freemium app to manage time, life and social relations in a whole new level through gamified and rewarding user experience. Wimble differs from other time management applications by being motivating through gamification. It adds inspiring achievements- and ranking systems into time management for bringing playfulness into users’ lives. Through playfulness users can get the motivation they need to manage their time more efficiently. Wimble also combines all the areas of time management together while other apps focus only on their own areas: calendar, task lists, to-do lists and notes. With Wimble you do not need any more other time management applications.


In addition to exciting user experience Wimble brings the benefits of network effect and social networking into time management. The more users Wimble has the more everyone will benefit of it. Also the more platforms Wimble supports the more users will get value together. In other words users will benefit of being connected together. This is what the network effect basically means. On the social networking side, all what users have created with Wimble can be shared with others. Users can also communicate with each other by using it. You can for example arrange a social event and invite your friends with Wimble to spend time together. All this can be done very easily with couple of clicks. When your friends have accepted the invitation you can discuss with them inside the shared calendar event. Wimble is simply a new way of communication added into time management. It aims to make people’s lives to be more social also in real life.

Wimble App on Phone

Along with gamified user experience and other interesting features Wimble has a good way of getting all out of the user interface. It offers customization for its appearance and look: users can purchase different kind of themes and extensions for it through in app store. This makes Wimble to be interesting as there is not this kind of possibility with other apps. This is something to look for.

Mobile App WimbleMaybe Mekiwi Oy has what it takes to succeed on their mission bringing light for others and making it happen on Indiegogo. At least Finnish people know a thing or two about mobile phones and applications – and Mekiwi Oy sure knows what to combine together. It is a very promising thing that young entrepreneurs do brave moves like this. They inspire others to keep on moving forward. If all goes well we will see another positive thing to happen for Finland. Mekiwi Oy’s crowdfunding campaign can be found from here: The release date of Wimble is 24th of October.