Mitre Saw Buying Guide: The Latest Mitre Saw Techology

Designed to make precise cuts at a variety of angles, a mitre saw is one of the most crucial tools for a professional carpenter to own. But, like any other tool, there are many different models offered by a range of companies. These machines vary greatly in both price and quality, so it’s important to know what to look for in a quality mitre saw and which models are the highest rated by other professionals.

What to look for in a mitre saw

To decide whether or not a mitre saw is right for you there are a few crucial qualities you should look at:

  • Ergonomics
  • Stability
  • Versatility
  • Design

Often you can gather quite a bit about these machines simply by examining them. A close look makes most of these features readily apparent.

So what is the best mitre saw?

Well, the answer isn’t necessarily what is technically considered the “best” mitre saw. If you’re not a serious professional with years of experience and a need for a machine that can withstand heavy duty usage on a regular basis, you’re probably better off with a more standard commercialized version—and your wallet will be too.

Even these models regularly come with excellent features. Compound mitre saws allow you to angle the blade, making beveled cuts an option. Sliding compound mitres are perfect for making precise cuts in larger pieces of wood which require more control and mobility. These models give you all that without sacrificing the cutting power of the blade even for an instant.

Here are the three best mitre saws for regular users:

Evolution Rage 3+

This machine cuts through metal, plastic or wood and is remarkably well designed for its typically affordable price of roughly $400. Complete with a sawdust and two supporting arms, this is an excellent machine for the typical user.

Metabo  KGS 216

Usually priced at around $600, this machine is perfect for both the casual user and the semi-professional and is highly rated by online reviews. It comes supplied with a wide range of equipment you’d normally pay extra for and is specially designed to be ideal for outdoor deck work.


The Bosch PCM 8 S Panel Saw is typically priced at around $900 but it is well worth the money for a semi-professional or even a serious professional. It comes with a PowerLight to provide clear vision so you can make precise cuts as well as a table extension for smaller projects.

The three models above are clear standouts in the market, but as usual, take your time to consider a number of options before making a purchase.