Misconceptions to Understand About Software Testing

There are so many articles out there that talk about the importance of testing software before it is released for the public but there are still so many that do not understand much about this process. The top software developers from around the world are strong advocates of various testing practices.

Software Testing Process

While so many misconceptions exist, some are more damaging to the creation process than others. This is what we will talk about now. Never believe the following misconceptions and make the correct choices!

  1. Tests Will Show That Codes Are Correct!

Well, testing is not about guaranteeing that the code is correct. Specialists like Bugfinders will always highlight this. Whenever a test is done, a scenario is basically highlighted. Various program units can have literally infinite possible test scenarios that are possible. You simply cannot test everything. In many situations the testing team will try to use the software exactly as the users will so that possible bugs can be found.

It is possible to possible to create tests that will always be successful even if bugs are present. That is why a responsible team will always challenge the code. To put it simple, tests will not show the correctness of the code for all the cases. Just those that are common will be chosen.

  1. Tests Will Help Developers to Change Codes!

Most people believe that testing will make it really easy to change the code. This does happen in some situations but it is not a given. The testing will help you to catch undesirable behavior or regressions in the implementation of the code. When high program structure levels are modified, the execution of practically everything else is changed.

Testing will usually be connected to the high level interface. If those are changed, tests need to also be changed. That only makes everything a lot more complicated since more work is about to be done. The solution would be to take care of the code problems that are noticed in the lower programming levels.

  1. Tests Offer Good Design!

We see this misconception too often. There are many different people that think software testing will lead towards better design. That is definitely not the case. In reality, testing is meant to highlight problems. There are teams that will also solve some of them but when referring to coding design, there are not many things that can be done. If the code is improperly structured, heavy and tough to follow, the testers cannot do much. That is the job of the developer.

On the whole, many of the problems associated with the understanding of software testing jobs are connected with developers. A developer will want to get rid of the responsibility by saying that testing is responsible for eventual problems that appear. That is definitely not the case. Unfortunately, most coders are pretty bad at the job that they do. We can say that a bug that is not discovered is the responsibility of both the tester and the developer. However, we have to understand that software testing will never identify all problems. Even so, proper testing will identify almost everything.