Review of MarkO’s New Version: A Smart Task Buddy

Finding the best app to remind you of your daily tasks and appointments is hard. Lucky for us, we stumbled upon a great one.

MarkO has been around for a while, but it comes with a new polished look, and some additional features.

MarkO 1

What we first noticed is the new look of the log in screen, and the added log in options. When we first met MarkO, the only option for logging in and using the app was by creating a MarkO account. Now, you can choose to create or log in with a MarkO account, log in with FB, or skip any log in, and just create tasks. We think that incorporating FB log in, or completely bypassing the log in, is pretty awesome because not all people want to spend time creating a new account. So this saves time.

landing-screen MarkOAnother change in the design is in the task creation screen. We noticed a new refined screen, and an extra functionality -setting a due date for your reminder. Of course, this is not mandatory. You can choose a location, or a time reminder. Or, both! Which we think is very good. This way, when we were going grocery shopping, we could set the reminder at 5:30pm, right after work, for any supermarket or grocery store. We love the option to choose between a category, specific location, or a custom pin-point location. It is very convenient to widen your location-reminders to a whole category of places, instead limit yourself to only one spot. Of course, you can pin-point a specific location too. I also set a reminder with MarkO about my hair cut. The barber shop where I usually go, is not pinned on Google maps, and I didn’t actually had an appointment, I just needed a location-specific reminder, so I just pin-pointed the spot on the map, to get reminded to stop by before I go home.

share MarkO

I also noticed new features in the task card’s drop down menu – the edit and reserve options. Now, instead of creating a new task, you can go back and change the existing one – the task itself, the location or the time. Or, all three. This is very useful because our schedules change significantly, and we have rescheduled certain tasks and errands for another time, a different day, or a place. This is a very useful feature that I use quite often. The reserve option is something I will get back to later.

Speaking of notifications, another new useful feature is muting notifications. When, for example, in a business meeting, you can turn the notifications off, and not get distracted, or considered rude. It is the bell sign, right in the top corner of the “My tasks” screen.

due_time MarkO

There are also additional options for sharing. In MarkO’s first version, you could share tasks only with MarkO users. Now, we noticed more options. Now you can share tasks using other apps, like Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, BBM, Slack, and pretty much any messaging app on your smart phone. And this is just great! Now sharing tasks is even more awesome than before. Here, I’m going to get back to the “reserve task” option. After you created and shared a task with people who are on MarkO, you can press the little thumbs up sign and reserve the tasks. That way you can let others that you shred the reminder with, know that you are going to complete it. Which means you won’t duplicate the work. This is a very useful feature if your friends or coworkers are on MarkO and you share tasks often.

All in all, the new features and design changes give MarkO a new feel. Even though there were slight bugs, they were so rare, and so minor, that they are not worth mentioning. The guys managed to take MarkO to the next level. I completely enjoy the new design, it gives the app a refreshed look. And the new features make it even better than it was before.