MarkO – Your New Smart Task Buddy

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MarkO is a new app from the Macedonian company CodeWell. MarkO is an easy-to-use and very useful app, which is intended to remind you to finish certain tasks. You might think now, there are a lot of apps that do something like this, some of them are pretty good too, but MarkO is different, and according to us, among the best apps of his kind.

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Most the task management apps are based on choosing the time for completing your task. But from our experience, most of the situations we would like to be reminded of a task, are usually situations that are not time-specific, because we are not quite sure if we can truly complete the task in that precise moment. For example, when you are in a supermarket to get groceries, and you walk around the isles wondering what was that other thing you wanted to buy and thought of whole day, but now you have no clue, so you proceed to the check out, and go home, and that’s when you remember you needed deodorant too.

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MarkO solves this problem. He has integrated location based suggestions for task completion which you receive according to your location and surroundings, and not because it is 2p.m. on a Wednesday. So, let’s use the previous example to depict this – if you create a task – buy Rexona, and then choose a location – supermarket, you will receive a reminder to get deodorant while you are grocery shopping at the supermarket.

The app is created to be smart, so you can just choose a general category of the type of institution; you don’t need to necessarily put in an address. Because, sometimes, your task can be finished in more than one place – there are supermarkets all over town, so why limit yourself to just one? Of course, you don’t have to buy groceries while at work, and then forget them in the office, that’s when the option of choosing that small supermarket next to your flat you pass bay all the time comes in hand. MarkO will remind you to buy groceries (and deodorant) when you are close to home!

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Another fun feature MarkO offers, that I liked a lot is sharing! You can create a task, and then send it you a friend or family member – as long as they have MarkO too. You can remind them, or ask them to complete a task. For example, you just cooked a delicious dinner, but noticed you are out of red wine. You know your sweetheart is coming home really soon, so why not create the “please get some red wine” task and tag the corner liquor store, and sent it to your boo? That way you can finish the preparations, and get red wine, and the two of you can enjoy a nice quiet meal. Comes in handy, right?

MarkO. Screenshot 2

To sum it up, we had a very fun experience with MarkO. We just love the fact that he reminds you in very friendly tone, with notifications saying “Hey buddy, buy milk”! And the fact that you can adjust how often and how far from the specific place you want to receive the notification. He’s also battery-friendly! This is another great thing, meaning you don’t have to run around looking for an electric outlet to charge your phone every few hours.
We recommend MarkO to anyone! Especially someone how’s days are busy and is on a dynamic schedule, running around town finishing all kinds of errands! Let MarkO remind you of your tasks, in the right place! Ease your day, every day!!!