LG creates World’s First Quad HD Resolution Display for Mobile Phones

LG might not be well-known name when it comes to mobile phones unlike its Korean counterpart Samsung, but it does makes some awesome displays for the mobile phones. It’s constantly tries to improve upon the display and display technologies and company’s latest innovation comes in the form of a 5.5 inch display with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is the highest resolution ever seen on a mobile display.

To put things in perspective, current crop of all the flagship smartphones like Galaxy S4, HTC One and Xperia Z have a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, resulting in impressive pixel density of more than 400 ppi (pixel per inches). What’s more interesting is that the human eye can’t discern the pixels once they cross the 300 ppi pixel density, that’s why Apple used Retina Display moniker for iPhone and iPad. But, LG’s QHD resolution on the 5.5 inch AH-IPS LCD display panel equating to insanely high 538 ppi pixel density.

LG Quad HD Display
A Beautiful Girl with LG Quad HD Display.

According to LG:

“LG Display’s Quad HD panel for smartphones realizes clearer images with 4 times more pixels than HD at 1,280X720, thereby reproducing more delicate colors as well as improving contrast and vividness when compared to current mobile displays. This advancement will enable consumers to fully enjoy more life-like and crisp images, and even Blu-ray equivalent video, on their smartphones. The panel also features the highest ppi among current mobile device displays.”

Another interesting thing about this display panel is that it’s just 1.21 mm thick with 1.2 mm narrow bezel. This makes it 12% narrower than company’s latest release LG G2. The brightness of the panel is also brilliant at 430 nits.

If you’re hoping to buy any device with such as awesome display, then sadly you’ve to wait. LG has not given any information as to when this display might go for mass production and thus used in devices. But going by the specifications race being played by all manufacturers, we might see it as early as next year.