Laptop as an Ultimate Gaming Platform

Laptops are widely considered as bad and insufficient gaming platforms. However, not all laptops are equal. This article will show that if you choose a good gaming configuration, your portable gaming experience may change forever. Choosing a right one that will meet your expectation while being budget friendly and be an ultimate gaming platform at the end of the day is not an easy task. Still, considering all the options and analyzing specification of today’s premium gaming laptops can get you as close as you can get.

Gaming Platform

Abilities at Glance

Here are some of the requirements or abilities that a gaming platform needs to do. The first thing is good performance. Playing games will drive your processor hard, and it mustn’t fail. Then come the graphics. Games are very graphics-needy so make sure the GPU is fast enough. You should be able to get out of the game at once and check your emails or social networks, so the laptop needs to handle multitasking well. Every game will benefit from a large screen. However, larger the screen the less portable it will be. When it comes to gaming, there’s never too much memory, and the minimum is 6GB. The last but not the least, a large hard drive can accommodate lots of game installations.

The CPU and RAM

The Central Processing Unit is one of crucial chips in a laptop. Since the latest games are more multiplayer-oriented, a high-end CPU will reduce lags as it keeps tracks what you are doing but also what the other players are doing. If you can, get the Intel Core i7 Quad, as it is one of best CPUs available these days. Also known as “memory” RAM is the next in line when it comes to game performance. Although 6GB is an absolute minimum, 8GB is more realistic if you want go the things moving. RAM speed should be at least 2000 MHz, so it can work on the same level as the CPU.



You should certainly pay most attention to the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit. All the breath-taking in-game details that developers have included depend on it, and if you want to experience them just as they wanted you to see them, the GPU should be the cornerstone of every gaming configuration. That is the reason why even the cheap gaming laptops feature premium graphics chips. And GPU is not something that should give its way to a chance. The very best these days is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800. If that’s too much for you at the moment, just remember to keep your sights above 4 GB VRAM.

Another perk is the resolution. A laptop without a high resolution LCD is as useless as teats on a boar hog. We could agree that 1080p is a good start, but if your budget allows for it, go straight for the 3k.


Today’s games are very demanding when it comes to storage space, with some requiring even up to 50GB for a single installation. Investing in anything less than 2TB is not advised. Even better, you should get an extra SSD for storing your system files and the most played games.

When chosen carefully, or even custom built from a scratch, laptops can compete with all gaming platforms out there. Combine with their portability and utility, they are an excellent choice for young people who like being on the move and enjoying their favorite games anywhere.