Laptop Bags For Men

From protecting your laptop to comfort and style, there are many factors that the top ten laptop bags for men have in common. When selecting a laptop bag, consider where you will be using it. For a daily commute on the train, men need rugged yet lightweight bags. If you’re a frequent flyer, than a TSA compliant bag with wheels for easy transport is essential. For any computer bag, the first priority is protection of your equipment.

Protecting your laptop

The primary function of your bag should be to protect your laptop. If it doesn’t do this, what’s it good for? Though you may be looking for the best deal, it’s worth it to spend the few extra bucks on a bag that will keep your laptop safe and sound when you put it down. After all, a damaged laptop could cost you thousands of dollars. Although leather and canvas bags may look nice, looks can be deceiving. These materials are notoriously thin and won’t absorb any shock if it’s bouncing around in a car or train on your morning commute. Check inside of the bag to make sure there is sufficient foam or cotton padding on the bottom. Some bags also come with a strap to really secure laptop from any movement during transportation. The biggest threats to your laptop are shock and water. Brinch makes one of the few waterproof laptop bags that has over 50 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon.


According to a recent study, teenage males with lower back pain underestimate the amount of weight in their bags compared to those that do not have lower back pain. So unless you have a Macbook Air, check the weight of your bag. Heavy bags compounded by the weight of your laptop can really be a pain to carry, especially if you have a long commute. Watch out for heavy laptop bags made of leather if you’re travelling far. Consider alternatives to laptop bags, like laptop sleeves. Although you’re more prone to drop them than a laptop bag, they are much lighter. Padded shoulder straps can also help make your bag more comfortable.


What does your choice of bag say to the pretty woman sitting in the seat across from you on the way to work? As a guy, we might not think much of it. But you’re being judged on your style whether you like it or not. Luckily, there are plenty of cool laptop bags for men. Old is the new cool right now. Retro leather bags will show that you’re both fashionable and rugged at the same time. Neoprene bags tell her that you’re cheap. A backpack means you’re either an adventurous outdoorsman or a college student, depending on the style. Remember guys, first impressions are everything!

The S-Zone Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag is A Stylish Choice For Men

The S-Zone Vintage Canvas Laptop Bag is A Stylish Choice For Men


One of the most frequent complaints in laptop bag reviews is that the laptop is too big for the bag! Laptops come in a variety of screen sizes, but the most common are 11.6”, 13.3”, 15.6” and 17.3”. For businessmen, make sure your bag is small enough to fit under a airplane seat. Soft bags are more flexible and better suited in this situation than hard shell cases.

Room for Accessories


The best laptop bags include room for accessories. Business card holders and slots for pens are helpful for the businessman on the go. If you carry snacks or gum, make sure there is a separate compartment for it. Without these compartments, a hot laptop will quickly melt that chocolate chip granola bar and create a mess. It is also recommended that you keep your charging accessories in a separate pocket, because the shock proof foam found in laptop bags is less effective if the laptop is not stored properly. Some computer bags even have separate iPad storage compartments in addition to the laptop compartment to prevent cracking the fragile glass screen.

Brands and Price Ranges

$100 or less will get you a basic bag made of canvas, imitation leather, or neoprene.

  • Amazon Basics
  • Snugg
  • Brinch
  • Case Logic

The Amazon Basics brand features the bare essentials that you would look for in a laptop bag. They are inexpensive yet effective. However, you will certainly lose style points carrying around one of there boring, neoprene black bags.

$100-200 range has some of the fancier leather bags.

  • Visconti
  • McKlein


McKlein is known as the brand for business travelers and techies on the go. Durable leather keeps you looking good and wheeled bottoms make transport through airports a breeze. However, if you don’t plan on using the wheels, these bags can be very heavy.

$200+ will net you designer brand names, real leather, and special features such as wheels

  • Royce
  • Nordstrom


Nordstrom makes designer bags that can get quite expensive. But for businessmen it really is worth the investment. Not only will you look good in their high profile bags, but you gain access to additional options such as security features. For example the Tumi ‘Alpha Bravo’ bag features the “Tumi Tracer” to assist in lost or stolen bag recovery.