Lapcare Oval Power Bank Review

Are you looking for best power bank for your Smartphone? If yes, then do you actually know about the benefits we get from power banks? Power banks are extremely beneficial to Smartphone users and more people are now buying them as it is simply a life-saver on most of the occasions. Power banks come into play at a time of emergency as well as urgency. We are here today with a review of one of the best power banks available i.e. Oval power bank by Lapcare.

Lapcare Oval Power Bank

Before moving forward, let us have a look at some of the benefits which power banks offer.

Benefits of Power Banks

  • Allow easy charging of Smartphone during the time of emergency or when you are travelling.
  • Power banks are portable which means that they are easier to carry anywhere as they are lightweight carrying a unique design.
  • Power banks are really impressive in its looks and people keep it in for emergency purposes.
  • They are easily operable on all brands no matter you own a Samsung Smartphone or a Sony or a Nokia, it will work perfectly on all.

There are uncountable power banks available in the market including variety of shapes as well as sizes but all of these power banks are not portable just because of their shapes. The primary task of every power bank is to charge the devices at the time of emergency. So, people prefer to carry lightweight power bank while travelling.

Lapcare Oval Power Bank 1

Have you heard about a famous Laptop and PC accessory brand Lapcare? Recently, it came up with Lapcare Oval power bank which is a perfect solution for users who are looking for a portable power bank. It name rightly suggests that it is oval in shape and looks similar to a soap which is easy to be carried every day. It features 5200mAh battery which ahs capability to charge every device at least about 4-times.

Design and Looks

Lapcare Oval Power Bank 2

Lapcare Oval power bank is oval in shape and is made from non-flammable material. Many customers even get confused claiming it soap. It is available in six colour variants i.e. pink, yellow, green, black, white and blue. It really looks cute because of its shape and size. It features 4-LED lights which blinks throughout when it is charging and these lights also indicates the remaining charge. It is easily chargeable through PC or Laptop using a USB cable.


Once it is fully charged, there is no need to charge it a whole week. Users do not need to carry a separate cable to charge it as it is equipped with an attached cable through which you can easily charge it. It can charge 2 devices simultaneously which basically depends on the device capability of being charged. With a looks of soap, it has got an eye-candy design and is quite useful.


Though it is priced at 1,699 INR which is quite a bit expensive but considering all in the same price range it is the best among all which is easily available in the markets as well as online. It would be definitely the most impressive as well as attractive product if Lapcare offered it at 999 INR.


Lapcare Oval power bank features a compact design which allows users to carry it easily while travelling. Users do not need to carry a separate cable as it comes with an attached white colour cable. It has capability of charging two devices at a time with an average of charging every average Smartphone at least 3-times. Though it is bit costly and takes a long time to charge the device but it is worth it because of its portability and self-energy consumption.

Which power bank you are using? If you are using Lapcare Oval power bank, the please share your views with us about the same. What you liked the most about this product by Lapcare?