Smart Guide to Jailbreak the iOS 7 iPhone or iPad

Ever thought of running your own carrier without any restrictions or limitations of the file systems of iPhone or I pad? Now you can jailbreak your Ios 7 iphone and explore the third-party external file systems to get a new experience with your phone. You can now even customize the themes, ringtones and almost every such file system of your phone that were otherwise limited by your carrier.

iOS 7

You just have to install third party software in your computer and have to transfer it to your phone. It will break the limitation of all the file systems and create an open platform for you to modify almost every file system of your phone. Jailbreak allows you to customize unauthorized file systems by breaking it open, it can even allow you to unlock your phone and use the phone with your own preferred carrier rather than with the one you purchased the phone with.

Before you precede with the easy instructions to Jailbreak the Ios, it is always better to know that it also can be a risky effort, where you can even have chances of killing your expensive gadgets completely useless. You also kill the warranty of your phone where you can no longer reset your phone

If you are a gadget freak and love to explore the technicalities of your Iphone then, this article would describe how to semi-untethered jailbreak your Ios 7 using Geeksnow version 2.9 of jailbreaking. In this smart method you can always reboot your Iphone without using your computer and then use the App store apps. The only problem is that you not be able to use the jailbreaking extensions and some applications unless your tether boot your gadget using Geeksnow.

Before starting, just know the lists of the applications tools that you need to download which are Java Jre, DotNet Framework and Itunes.

Now start the download of Geeksnow 2.9 from its official site. After the download of the zip file, you can extract the file and search for exe.file and run it. Now you have to put your iPhone in DFU mode.

Hold your home button and the power button for 10 seconds. Just continue to hold the home button and release the power button to let Geeksnow respond. You can also follow the beep sound of your computer and release the power button immediately after you hear it. Be sure that your PC is connected to the internet because if it’s not then Geeksnow won’t work. Being an automated procedure Geeksnow will do everything automatically, you just have to follow the prompts. In the process you can receive a message to set up your Iphone in D4U mode. After the phone gets re- booted, you will be sent to the home screen where you will still find the message of Geeksnow stating” waiting for the device to be ready”. After few minutes your iphone will restart automatically and again you will get a last message from Geeksnow to put your phone in D4U mode. After this, Geeksnow will again follow the reboot process and you will receive a message of successful jailbreak.

As this is a different procedure of jailbreak where you can reboot your Iphone without using a computer you will again need to tether boot it from PC to reactivate some jailbreaking applications. For that you can just put your phone in D4U mode and run the Geeksnow. After connecting your phone you will receive several options on the screen for your iPhone. You can any of your preferred options and then you will receive a message showing booting with opensnow. After this the Iphone will restart and it is all done.