iOS 8 vs. Android L: The Better Judgement

The tech savvies always have a tough time for getting impartial when it come to stand between the two paths of the most influential mobile technologies of today’s era, one for Android and the other Apple iOS. With their constant endeavour to rise above the shoulders of each other, every years the consumers fins some new enhancements and upgraded that again do not leave a loophole to complain about their inferiority. With the span of time, every year’s flagship has something to add up in comparison to the previous year’s flagship. Now the time of for Android L and iOS 8.

Android L

The Design:

In this context iOS 8 has undoubtedly undergone through massive changes in the past, so not much is required to add up as new when it comes to check the design. Android L, however has focused more on the material than the design part. The material design counts more on its visual enhancements, giving it a more variation with colors, increasing brighter hues and more versatile shadows that altogether gives a unified experience to its users. IOS version have had already done it with their previous experiments , so not much dramatic experience can be delivered to its users than Android , which will totally have a different avatar.


Android L has yet to solve the rising issues regarding its battery, for which the project Volta of Android has been working hard to solve the problem. The power saver will have 90 minutes extended while the phone is low in charge. This is the region where both IOS and Android have no matching factor to decide on their superiority.


Here too, both the mobile operating system geniuses have the same calls. They both nearly have the similar options available for giving a user-friendly experience to its users. In Android, the notifications have banner allotted buttons at the top that makes the users easier to access directly just by tapping on the buttons placed at the top. During the time of battery crisis, the users can directly access the power saver mode to check the notifications, without interrupting any other tasks.

iOS 8


Both the versions of iOS and android have crosses every limitation that otherwise existed with smartphones and tablets. They have advanced features where they can interact with chrome books and other external devices, get access to the calls and notification that they receive in their laptops and other external devices. It will also familiarise the apps that can be used in Android for the user to use it in the chrome books.

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