State of Internet in India: Part 1

There are very few inventions in the world that have been able to change everyone’s life. Johan Gutenberg made it possible for anyone to print a multitude of text via flat-bed printing press back in 15th century. Thanks to him, printing bulk of books seems quite easy task nowadays. In 19th century, James Watt invented steam engine showing the world that the machines can be used efficiently for travelling purposes. Today, machines have made it so easier for the humankind to manufacture just about anything.

Internet Landscape in 2011

We’re done talking about the things of the yesteryears, so let’s discuss something which has captured the whole world’s imagination in just few decades of its existence- Internet. Unlike other technologies, Internet has touched our lives in so many ways that it would be difficult to describe them in an article. Still let us think for a second- we can search just about anything in this vast interwebs, make friends with people living thousands of miles away, have real-time communication with anyone, watch movies, listen to music, purchase anything from the comfort of our home, book tickets, do banking and so much more.

Current Statistics

In our country, the Internet is still in a nascent stage where majority of people are still not online. Still it’s is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. According to comScore report, India has surpassed Japan to become 3rd largest Internet user after China and United States. Moreover, majority of this user base is fairly young under the age of 35. comScore pegs that India has 74 million users, an increase of 31 percent over the last year. However, this only gives half picture as the report does not takes mobile and tablet usage into account.

Internet Penetration Map of India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) suggests that the number of Internet subscribers in India is 164 million as of March, 2013. 7 out of 8 subscribers access the internet through their mobile phones.

What Indians use Internet for?

comScore states that the largest part of the Internet is being used to access social networks with Facebook dominating the list. Professional network LinkedIn and relatively new sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are also seeing rise. Indians are also becoming comfortable for purchasing things online thanks to India focused strategies applied by local retailers like Myntra, Flipkart, etc. – Cash on Delivery, Free Delivery, etc. Watching videos online on sites like YouTube is another usage of Internet. People are also using internet for consuming news, checking sports score, weather information, etc.

How the Internet is being accessed?

Many people use Internet from their home and work where it’s actually a broadband. But, the actual growth is coming from the users using internet on mobiles. Though, it’s pretty slow and maybe expensive than broadband, it can be taken anywhere and doesn’t have any learning curve attached to it in comparison to having a computer/ compatible mobile to use Broadband.

This is the present state of internet in India, but the essential part is to understand where we might be heading and how. So, join us next week to see what future may hold for Internet in India.

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  • October 21, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    Informative & educative article! The internet like other modern inventions as print and electronic media as TV alongwith RTI laws has given impowerment to the citizens in India especially the educated masses. With this link one can make his voice and dissent known to all, the world over. The prerogative of some powerful and moneyed people will be diminished in the course of time and true socialism will prevail all over the world with any leadership or ideologies. The combined citizenry will decide the course of events to happen.

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