How to Install Windows 8.1 on Apple MacBook Air

So I decided to install Windows 8.1 on Apple MacBook Air. It is great that you can have the latest Apple OS X and the Windows 8.1 installed on the same system. Apart from that, MacBook Air offers a great battery life and a stunning retina display and if you combine it with the design & working functionality of Windows 8.1, it’s a deadly combination.

Apple MacBook Air

In this article I share the exact steps to install Windows 8.1 on Apple MacBook Air:-


  • To avoid any hassles in the future have a valid Windows 8 key before you start the installation process.
  • You will also need a CD with Windows 7 or you would need a partition that already has installed Windows 7.
  • A USB stick wherein you will store the following drivers ->
    • Boot Camp 4 & Boot Camp 5 Drivers
    • GeForce 320M Driver
    • nForce Chipset Drivers

Microsoft Windows 8.1

Step 1 –

You need to follow this step only if you do not have Windows 7 partition on your Apple MacBook Air. But if you don’t, then you need to install that because as of now Window 8.1 is not supported. Also there is no need to install the drivers in the Boot Camp, because we already have them in our USB stick.

Note – We recommend keeping the drivers in the USB stick because it simplifies the installation.

Step 2 –

After you have successfully installed Windows 7 you need to Install Boot Camp 4 which you have in your USB Stick. This is done to make sure that all devices work on Window 7. However at this moment you should not install Boot Camp 5, we will use it later.

Step 3 –

If you do not follow this approach you may face a lot of “driver problems”, but we have got it covered for you. So firstly you need to connect your mouse with the MacBook Air because the track pad can create a lot of problems. And yes ignore all those messages that say “Boot Camp 4.exe is not compatible”. Then Run BootCamp.exe and make sure that it starts with windows because we need proper working F1 to F12 keys. Now press key ‘X’ followed by a click on “Device Manager”

Step 4 –

Head over to the ‘Display Adapter’ Section and then right click on ‘GeForce 320M’ followed by ‘Update Driver’ and finally “Search for drivers on my computer”. Head forward to USB Stick and search out for the GeForce drivers. You might experience some hassles in this step. There might be some errors in the installation of drivers but you can reboot and try again.

Step 5 –

Head over to the Device Manager once again where you will find a yellow flag in front of 2 devices. These are solved by installing nForce Chipset drivers and follow Step 4 once again but this time select the “nForce Chipset Drivers” from your USB Stick.

Step 6 –

As I said earlier the track pad doesn’t work properly so we need to install the recent drivers of Windows 8 which are present in Boot Camp 5. You need not install the entire Boot Camp 5, instead go to Boot Camp 5 folder on your USB stick and find & install “AppleMultiTouchTrackpadInstaller.exe”.

Step 7 –

Now reboot your system and you will find that there are no problems with drivers. However for optimal use we are going to make certain small changes. For that you need to go to Program files followed by the Boot Camp folder and then finally right click on ‘BootCamp.exe’. Hover to the ‘compatibility tab’ and change it to “Windows 7 Compatibility Mode”. Also we don’t need to install any NVidia driver updates, as they cause a lot of problems as of now.

These are the entire steps you need to follow to install Windows 8.1 on Apple MacBook Air. Try out the new Windows 8.1 on your device and share your experiences about the same. What you like and dislike of new Windows version? Is it better than previous Windows versions? If yes, then tell us in what ways you found it amazing.