Top Indians, Who are Working in Top Companies and Taking Technology to Next Level

The year 2014 could be regarded as the rise of Indian origin people who hold the place as top working executives in the top most companies of the world and taking the technology to the very next level. These Indians have not only raised the Indian flag globally, but has made sure that their companies must not lag behind amidst the current cruelest competition time in the market.

Most of the Indians hold the CEO position in their respective companies and are determined to take the technology as well as the company to the sky high limits. Here below are some names which I guess every Indian and non-Indian should know in the current technological world as they are the creators of this awesome lifestyle of today.

Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft Corp.)

The recently Cloud service Vice-President of Microsoft Corp, Nadella has been appointed as the 3rd CEO in the history of world’s leading computer technology company since 2014. He has worked for 22 years in the company and has promised its global users to return the faith and innovation of Microsoft once again as it was earlier.

Satya Nadella

Nadella is still in the initial days as CEO, but his strategies have given the hope and a glimpse of Microsoft’s golden days. For example, under his supervision, the company has finally launched its long term speech translator feature for Skype and its partner Nokia also has seen a positive inclination in sales.

The shareholder and company workers are very much sure about the success of Microsoft under his guidance and so we are.

Rajeev Suri (CEO, Nokia)

Rajeev Suri is the latest addition to the list of top Indian CEOs list and he has appointed as the CEO of once upon a time mobile giant Nokia at a time when the company is looking to revive its glory days after touching the bottom of the pool.

Rajeev Suri

Suri defines himself as a global citizen because of his various upbringing locations, but still has his roots from India. He has been given the challenge to bring the Nokia back after it’s been completely sold to the Microsoft Mobile last month. It would be very interesting to see that how the new CEO crafts a way for the company which was once known as unconquerable to its counterparts.

Francisco D’Souza (CEO, Cognizant)

Francisco D’Souza is known as one of the youngest CEO in the history of the software industry. He has been at the top post of the company since 2007 and is associated with the clients of the company who use the offshore resources to develop large software and project maintenance.

Francisco D’Souza

He is also responsible for the business and brand development of the Cognizant with his 20 years of experience; I guess he has done well to stand out of the crowd and take the company to new boundaries, also getting his own name in the list of the top CEOs in the world.

Shantanu Narayen (CEO, Adobe)

We all very much familiar with the name Adobe and the man behind the success of this brand is none, but an Indian named Shantanu Narayen. He has been an employee of Adobe since 1998 and in the year 2007, he turned out as the CEO.

Shantanu Narayen

Under the extremely futuristic vision of his, the company has grown globally without making any changes in its motto of innovation. He also has led the Adobe to the acquisition of Omniture Inc., which worth around US $1.8 Billion. The CEO has given hope not only to his customers, but shareholders and employees to by his out of the box thinking and by optimizing the value of the online experience, applications and content.

Sanjay Jha (CEO, Global Foundries)

Sanjay Jha is yet another Indian who has made it big on the global level. He currently serves as the CEO of Global Foundries, which is a well known name in the semiconductors with sheer technology and out of the class manufacturing.

Sanjay Jha

Jha also has served as the CEO of mobile division at Motorola Mobiles and before that he was COO at the chip-set manufacturing company Qualcomm. There is no point to discuss what he has achieved over the time as working at top post in such companies is a dream of a million eyes.

Under his supervision, all the three companies have achieved the milestones which are still unconquerable for many of its counter parts and the technology is continuously booming, he is focused and determined to touch the sky once more.

Wrap Up

The above are just a few names from the pool of top Indians, who are working at top companies and taking technology to the next level like Indira Nooyi (CEO, Pepsico), Ajay Banga (CEO, MasterCard) and others.

This top crop of the Indians has shown the world that the Asian giants are none less than anybody in innovative thinking, master approach and thriving in dying competition.

We wish them all a heartily all the best for their future as their personal growth will get us to the new limits of technology and hence making our life even cozier and simpler than now.

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