India Vs China – In Technology, Science and Space

India and China are the two most emerging nations on the global front these days. The two countries are growing 3 times the world’s average, but still there are lots of difference between the position of India and China.

Both countries together account for the 38% of the world’s population and this is the only thing which is making them grow at such a rapid rate. Though, the world has sees both the countries from different angles.

Here below is some kind of comparison between the two global giants in terms of technology, Space and Science which I guess the clear the picture of the race going on between them.

Technology & Science

Last time it was the year 1982 when the two countries looked alike from far, but the china was having the edge with a much younger population that time and with the factors like better education, health, women involvement and others.

At the same time the India too had the population, but that was uneducated, malnourished and I guess it’s better to not to talk about women’s involvement. Now, what happened that time was the main factor in the current situation both the countries.


The China and India both took the different way to increase the foreign investment or FDI. The Chinese had opted for the scheme which made sure that the foreign investors while investing in the country must provide the knowledge to the locals and the country policies made sure that the people learn them in an efficient way.

China also offered more stipends to the locals to retain them and help them open the local businesses. Thus, that results in the country’s development as the manufacturing hub for the rest of the world which was at comparatively lesser cost than other parts of the world.

On the other hand, the India made sure that FDI must come and only provide the jobs and products to its people instead of the information and this turn India into the global market for the products manufactured by the big companies in China.

However, the current scenario has been changed and become vice-versa as now India is having everything that China has 30 years back. India is now the biggest supplier of the software and generic medicine in the world.

The IT, communication, automobile medical and lifestyle sectors are booming in India, but the manufacturing sector still requires a lot of attention from the government.

The major factors which are increasing the rapid growth of the India are the same which were accounted for the adoption of the not so beneficial strategies 3 decades ago. The average age, nutrition and education have increased in the country drastically over the time.

The Chinese also has improved in the meantime. An example of that; earlier, when the China was in a poor developing state, it focused on the small items like toys and other stuff with low quality to conquer the world and now it is featured in the most quality product list too which are getting consumed by its already established empire.

In the science field, the China has shown significant improvement while providing the quality products. For an example, the China holds only the 37% of the rare earth element resources, but holds the 97% of the supplying market for its products with supreme quality.


The above figures even outrun the Indian Space Department over a tender on the behalf of lesser rate as usual and better software. Now, this has hit India, the global software provider pretty hard back in 2008.

At the same time, India, who was importing the 60-70% of its generic stuffs in the 80’s, is now supplying 40% to the world, which shows the improvement of the medical sector in the country.

But, now the India is looking edgier than the China as the rival country’s policies like one child and others are turning into the bad decision with time, which previously hold the key to its success. The China is now facing labor issues, scarcity of young people and others.

While India is getting richer is each and every aspect which can be accounted for the future growth of the Asian giant.


The two leading countries in the world have done extremely well in the space too, leaving the whole world stunned with their breath taking efforts. Both countries have their own satellite system, launching vehicles along with the launch stations.

Though, they counter each other in the motto and other perspectives. The China pursuit the space program in the 50’s to counter the threat of missile and developed the space program with the motto of being an atomic power with anti-ballistic missiles.

The India, however, followed the peaceful space motto and to serve its people the better and independent technology. The Indians started off their space working in the late 60’s and is still a decade behind its counterpart.

The China has got the edge over the India in the manned space programs which it has carried out several times and that too with success. While India is way far behind the China in manned mission, but the recent mars program called “Mangalyaan” has left its Chinese rival stunned.

Both the countries have the ambition to become the powerhouse of Asian space programs and are working very hard to outrun each other. So, let the time come, which is due in the near future for sure to decide the numero uno power of Asian space ventures. And for now, both are I guess at equal positions.

Wrap Up

The China and the India, both have the significant effect on the world’s economy and sectors which have been discussed above. It’s true that the China is still going ahead of the Indians, but the upcoming years are strongly looking into the favor of India until the China does some revolutionary changes in its strategies and policies.

But, whatever the result would be, one thing is crystal clear that the people and the rest of the world, including their own population will definitely get huge benefits from healthy competition.

Prashant Talreja

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