India and the Weapons of the Mass Destruction – Is the World Safe?

The world today has grown both ways, that is, good and bad with the help of technology. The good part has got us many gifts like, internet, smartphones, better health, transport and others.

While the worst part has made sure that weapons developed over the time for the so called self defense have the ability to destroy the world within a few minutes. These destructive weapons are known as weapons of mass destruction and India posses them too.

India has biological, chemical and nuclear weapons to counter the potential threat of the attack on it. The mass destruction weapons of India can be used under varying range, that is, from 150 KM to 5500+ KM on the earth’s surface.

Here below is a brief description of the India’s development of such weapons and its effect on world peace.

Development of Weapons

As we all know that the India does have the capability to produce effective biological and chemical weapons because of its thriving industries and extremely expert scientists.

Though India has signed the United Nations conventions over the use and development of biological and chemical weapons, which clears that despite having all the techniques and methods available for the development of such weapons, India will not fancy the use of biological and chemical weapons.

Agni II
Agni II

In order to support the facts, India destroyed its stock of a well-known chemical weapon; sulphur mustard by the end of 2009 and it was cross checked by the UN inspectors as well before giving NOC to India.

Now, if we talk about biological weapons, then India’s former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has stated back in 2002 that India won’t produce any biological weapons ever as they are cruel for humanity and India so far has followed that.

Nuclear Weapons and Indian Policy

The first Indian Prime Minister Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru said that India won’t start any kind of war ever with anyone, but will reply with full efforts and power if attacked.

India conducted its first Nuclear Weapon test back in 1974 which bring it in the elite panel of the countries having self nuclear weapon power. Currently, India posses around 90-110 estimated number of nuclear weapons.

IAF Jaguar
IAF Jaguar

India’s nuclear weapons are in the form of ballistic missiles named Agni and Prithvi. These missiles have the range from 150 KM to 5500+ KM. Though, the India is still following the no first use policy.

Safety of the World

Many countries in the world do possess the nuclear weapon and once can’t say at any instance that the world is completely safe. The growing terrorism, unsocial personalities, differences between the nations and wish to dominate the earth has taken us to the point where only a spark is enough to burn the world to the ashes.


It is true that we do need some self-defense to counter the possibilities of getting driven by other countries and the threat of getting attacked by neighbors. But, still the humanity should be taken in the consideration while taking a decision of launching the weapons of mass destruction.

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