Top 10 Tips to Increase your Followers on Twitter

The Twitter has been an effective social networking platform now for a quite a long time. The day by day increasing popularity of Twitter in the world has lured millions of users to make sure that the website ranks among the top social networks.

The twitter doesn’t only get you the worldwide fame, but, you can connect to those celebrities or people whom you find influential and discuss your thoughts with them.

Increase your Followers on Twitter

The only thing which is hitting the people is how to get more followers as everybody want to be a star, but don’t want to follow.

So if you’ve got something in you which could be useful for others, then here are some tips which you can use to increase your followers on twitter.

Carve a Niche

You simply can’t know about everything which is happening in the universe. It is better to select a niche or a topic which is trending most or about which you know the most so that you can just provide exactly what people want to hear.

Tweet Again and Again

If you think that tweeting about a topic just once is enough for you, then you’re getting it wrong. You need to tweet about your topic of interest again and again to let the people know about your knowledge.

Let the People Come

The selection of right time for tweeting is very important. You need to make sure that while you tweet, maximum number of your followers do read your tweets and re-tweet it.

Do some analysis and choose the peak hours for your tweet when the traffic is at its utmost limit. If you’ll practice this way, then I’m pretty sure that your account will get a lot of followers.

Connect to Your Superiors

When you’ve selected a niche of tweeting for you, don’t forget to join your seniors and re-tweet their thoughts on your account.

The experience always matters in every area and the twitter isn’t any exception. You’ll get a lot of knowledge and ideas through their posts and of course the followers by using this method.

Attend a Questionnaire

Joining a discussion and sharing your thoughts by asking and answering questions could be useful for you as if you’ve got your logic right while answering then you’ll automatically get the needed response of people.

Also, while you ask questions which could answer the other people as well, so more followers will join you to quench their thirst of issues. It’ll show your interest and immense participation with the knowledge of your topic of interest.

Link Your Account

If you do write on some blog or website then don’t forget to link your account to your twitter interface as it’ll interlink users of your blog to your twitter account and hence you’ll get the needed limelight with the followers from other networks too.

Mention the Individual

While you re-tweet or participate in a questionnaire, don’t forget to mention the individual name using the “@twitter_name” technique.

This will show your response to the people who’re the followers of that person and if they find you logical enough with your response then in no time your twitter account will be flooded with followers.

Picture Tweets

An image can utter a thousand words which letters can’t. This golden rule can bring a lot of followers to you if you’ll tweet using the relevant pictures and images.

The images will give them a live and understandable example of what you think about the topic of mutual interest of you and your followers.

Strong Profile Bio

When a person searches you on the twitter, then your profile bio is something which reflects about your personality and thinking. Try to add some realistic facts and information with grip which can make a good first impression on your followers.

A strong profile bio holds the key to success for the significant increment of the twitter followers. So if you’ve got one then it’s good and if the answer is no then get it in no time. You can also look for examples by viewing some profiles of your seniors from the same niche.

Search the Trend

After selecting a niche and then posting anything under that is not tolerable at all. If you’re doing this then soon you’ll lose your sheen and interest of people.


Try and select a topic from the current trend to tweet about to get the best out of twitter and to reach out the maximum people.

Wrap Up

The twitter is undoubtedly a unique platform of sharing your thoughts and knowledge. The number of follower matter most here to become a popular figure.

The above methods, if you’ll practice will surely get you more followers and if you know any more methods, then you can let them know us in the comment section below.

Prashant Talreja

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I'm a hardcore automobile fun. The love for automobiles makes my entry into the blogging arena. And, I ended up as a technical writer. Now, I cover almost all topics under the tech niche for almost 2 years.

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  • April 9, 2014 at 5:43 am

    what about social exchange? they increase followers on twitter too

  • April 9, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Also never forget to thank those who retweet your posts and those who Follow you back. If you mean to refer any particular niche you should use hashtag to connect all terms related to that specialty like #easterncooking or #greenliving.
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post; all the tips you mentioned in it are really cool and will bring awesome results.

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