What should be included in GTA VI?

Grand Theft Auto V was a game of real beauty and panache so it was wholly unsurprising to see the game break all sorts of records. In all, it sold over 32 million copies in 2013 – it wasn’t released until September 17th. The gameplay, storyline, and setting were spellbinding but how are the producers Rockstar going to better what is now an iconic game?


Return to London

We all love the American setting for the game but a return to London, the setting of the 1999 release: GTA:London, 1969, would make a welcome change to the American cities we have become accustomed to. London has some of the most recognizable landmarks on the globe and ones that would lend themselves perfectly to some outlandish missions, breaking into Buckingham Palace anyone? What’s more, it will make most gamers have to drive their vehicles on the left for the first time, trivial but nonetheless entertaining. And with British actors currently being the cream of the crop of Hollywood there would be no shortage of talent to lend themselves to the game, finally putting the ghosts of Danny Dyer’s appearance in Vice City to rest.

More to do on the phone

Although the phone in GTA V is of pivotal importance it is not quiet a proper reflection on the non-stop phone use that occurs in everyday life. There are actually some nifty things that could be done: Rockstar could work a deal with iTunes so that your music could sync with your virtual phone, meaning that you can listen to your own music whilst walking around. They could also provide virtual news for virtual phones and team up with virtual bookmakers per se, making it easier for you to build your cash-flow in the earlier stages. You’d be surprised by the amount of people who’d click the online bingo games play here advert on their phone and play for virtual money, or even real money if they wanted to make the game world that little bit more absorbing. If you head to 32Red for example, you can extend this virtual realm to the gaming and test out your bingo skills without even leaving the house!

Although a small part of the game, the mobile phone could really be toyed around with to make GTA VI the most incredible game ever. Although it’s not of imperative importance changing the phone, the defining characteristic of Rockstar and GTA is the attention to detail and improving the phone would add something more to the game.

The Old Health System

Not only would it be somewhat nostalgic, it will actually improve the game. How many times were you roaming the mountains before being set upon by a wild cougar, or being randomly attacked on the street? The numerical health system is the supreme health system and it would be great to see it once again, it is also easier to plan ahead when you can see exactly how much health you have.

A female lead

In GTA V there were three playable characters, all of which had to be used. In GTA VI they should retain the multiple-protagonist structure, which was brilliant, but include a female. It will give the game a broader appeal and a whole new perspective. Games are often criticised for being sexist and many believe that female leads do not encourage sales but with GTA being the behemoth that it is, a female protagonist will do harm at all.

Whatever Rockstar do or don’t do the next GTA will be absolutely brilliant. It’s all very well second guessing what they will do, but in the end we have no idea and in truth we don’t want to have a clue. The element of surprise one gets when they play the first five minutes of GTA is unreal. If there was to be something that would be a huge improvement to the stellar franchise it would be a London return, which would really be a jolt in the arm and a completely new experience for every avid fan-boy.