Tips to Manage Multiple Emails in Gmail

Most of us have access to more than one email account and if you are particularly having Gmail then you can make things very easy and simple for you. Yeah! Off course, these days all of us are having at least one Gmail account. No? Then, please create one as signing up for one account is not a big deal now and it will even help you in managing multiple emails in Gmail directly. You can easily set up in order to access all your messages from a same place at a particular time.

Some people might get confused while accessing the mails that on which email id they received the mails yet they might think to keep all the emails together yet separate so in that case Gmail offers its users an amazing feature of Multiple Inboxes which help users in working with their emails more effectively and efficiently. Many of you might have accumulated various of your email addresses and its seems that now you are fed up of being checking all the emails by signing-in in each and every account so now it’s really easy to manage multiple emails in Gmail.

  1. You can easily filter as well as combine all your email addresses with Gmail.
  2. If you are enabling to filer the email sent to which particular email id then you can simply take help of settings to select the option of Filter. This will help in assigning appropriate labels to all the emails in some or the other way.
  3. Don’t you think merging all your emails together is really overwhelming? Yes, it is. So, in order to get the best Google offers Multiple Inboxes feature to its users. It helps in dividing your Gmail account into multiple inboxes which further helps in separating things a little and makes it easy for users.

Do you have any idea about how to use multiple inboxes? No? Not a big deal at all. We are here to help you with how to manage multiple emails in Gmail through its amazing feature “Multiple Inboxes”.

  • Just login to your Gmail account and click on the gear icon which you can see at the top right corner just below the user display image. Now, click on Settings>>Labs section>>Multiple Inboxes entry (at the bottom).

Multiple Emails in Gmail

  • Select the option “Enable” and save all the changes by clicking at the bottom of the page.

The page will automatically reload itself and eventually you will be able to see your inbox being divided into number of sections along with a separate folder consisting of starred and important emails.

What basically we need to do? We just need to customize the add-on so that all the emails are being grouped according to the email ids they were sent to.

Multiple Emails in Gmail 1

Now, you need to return to the ‘Settings’ section where the “Multiple Inboxes” option is available. Here you can easily configure about five additional panes which you want to be displayed. You can set each of these according to the search terms as well.

These are some tips to manage multiple emails in Gmail. Do you want to stack all your email ids together? Yes? Then you need to follow this and it will just give you some amazing features which are separated from the main features of Gmail including a unified inbox which will help you in managing multiple email accounts along with managing them with just one stance.

Once you have set all of its settings properly then you can easily use each and every other location as a primary Gmail account but with a separate inbox folder. Following this will just help you all in cutting down your time for navigating as well as taming. Are you excited to uses Google Labs featuring “Multiple Inboxes”? Enlighten us by sharing your views with us.