How to Keep up with Large Call Volumes

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Almost everyone has been subjected to awkward, elevator-worthy music while they’re on hold. Unfortunately, a lot of this waiting can be in vain if you aren’t put through to the right phone agent. When companies poorly manage their phone services, it’s potentially damaging to their brand and can diminish relationships with clients who could have been loyal advocates. Read on to see how you can make positive changes if you’re dealing with difficult call volumes.

Optimise Call Loads

To efficiently manage large call volumes, you should consider monitoring your phone agents’ call loads. With traditional business phone systems, it can be hard to pinpoint inefficiencies in each agent’s call load. However, when relying on blended digital solutions that use VoIP support, you’re exposed to a range of features that allow you to resolve call issues. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows businesses to make voice calls via an internet connection. With some package solutions from companies like Com2, particular features include call monitoring, call recording and the ability to reroute calls if an agent’s call load is too large. During this process, you are able to assess the quality of your company’s customer service and you can identify gaps in phone agents’ skills and knowledge.

Coach Phone Agents

In the same way managers can overview call load issues, they can also join in on their agents’ phone conversations and offer advice and guidance if their agents are struggling. Not only does this ensure time- and cost-efficient phone calls, but it can quickly enhance the skillset of the agent. For instance, when an agent is in training, managers can whisper advice or prompts to the agent without the client hearing. If preferred, the manager can simply listen in and offer advice at the end of the call. When training is this intuitive and customised, your agents will perform greater and the company will deal with calls more quickly and professionally.

Integrate Web Chat

Web chat is becoming an increasingly popular option for companies dealing with a high volume of calls. As society is becoming more digitally focused, more and more consumers are expecting service that is highly customised and almost instantaneous. If your clients are constantly queued for long periods while they wait for a phone agent, it’s a great idea to implement web chat to speed up the service process.

Web chat is a great alternative, as phone agents are able to manage multiple web chats and emails at a time. It’s also possible for agents to reach out to clients that are browsing websites and ask if they require any assistance. This process is also more cost effective, as not as many calls are required to convey straightforward concepts. When delays are minimal and the call load is optimised, your clients are more likely to be satisfied.

Are you ready to make positive changes to increase customer satisfaction and efficiencies in your call centre? How do you see your call volumes becoming more manageable? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.