How to Access Facebook in China using VPN in 5 Easy Steps

how to access facebook in china

Being a country with one of the most ancient civilizations, China is blessed with a long and mysterious history spanning almost 5000 years. Similar to most wonderful civilizations, China’s culture can be traced back to a blend of original tribes which expanded with such great marvel to become a great nation we all celebrate today. China’s civilization didn’t just arrive without key features rarely found in any other place in the world.

Among these key features can be seen her glorious history in both arts and traditional crafts. It won’t amaze you to know that these two are just a few of the many jewels in china’s 5000 year culture. Noticeable representatives of these arts and crafts are the Folk Toys, Calligraphy, Music, Opera, Porcelain, Seals and Silks just to mention a few.

With a mix of European and Arabian architecture, the ancient architecture found in China is definitely an important component of the world architectural system. When speaking of her architectural marvels, we are forced to mention the Great Wall, the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and the Forbidden City.

China’s Kung Fu martial art – a number of fighting styles which was developed over a long historical period – is another feature to reckon with. Not to mention China’s long period of production and living practices,  wonderful contributions has been made to the world in areas spanning diet treatment, nutrition and health care, food resource exploration and cuisine aesthetics.

We all love the giant panda! Who doesn’t? The marvellous fluffy animal is surely one of the most precious animals in the world. No doubt about that! Popularly called the ‘National Treasure’, it an animal every tourist will be tempted to see on reaching China apart from the Terra-Cotta Warriors, The Great Wall or Forbidden City.

No doubt! China has many features and basic amenities in stock for travellers. What then remains a fact is that many know of the Great Wall but few have ever heard of the Great Firewall.

What the hell is the Great Firewall?

Also known as the Golden Shield Project, The Great Firewall of China, is the Chinese government’s internet censorship and surveillance project.  It was developed by the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) to censor internet contents of China and has restricted a lot of website and social media from operating in the country including Facebook.

The Great Firewall, as cool as it is to the Chinese government is the biggest problem most travellers face when visiting China. Many will find it difficult to cope without having access to Facebook for as many days as they stay in China. How bad does that sound? Really bad? You are right but you can solve this problem using a strong VPN service. Happy?

Gaining access to Facebook in China

A VPN gives you access to blocked websites and services while in China since VPN connects to servers on the other sides of the world. When purchasing a VPN, great care needs to be taken because many VPN services are blocked by the government every day in China. Very few VPN services has stood the test to time and PureVPN is one of them. You can read PureVPN review here.

With PureVPN, you have unrestricted access to any site of your choice during your stay in China. You can freely surf the internet and connect with your friends, family and colleagues back in your home country. How does being able to share your picture with friends online in real time when in a Terra-Cotta museum sound?

So, how can you access Facebook with PureVPN?

The PureVPN is available on different platform namely, Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android and Linux. Here, the Windows platform will be discussed.

Please be informed that for you to be able to use the service, you need to have a working internet connection, a window supported device and a premium PureVPN account. (You can get a premium account here >> After completing the order, an email containing the Login Details you will be required to input when you want to connect to the VPN service via the PureVPN software will be sent to your mailbox.

Get connected in five steps…

  1.       Download the PureVPN software: You can download the software here> Locate the software package in your download directory to install. Double click it to begin installation. The installation process is very easy and straight-forward. Note that when you get to the point where you are asked to specify the country where you are located, pick ‘China’ option.
  2. Launch the software after Windows complete installation.
  3. Once the software loads, click the ‘Dashboard’ option by the left on the interface.
  4. In the Login Info field, input your Username and Password details. This is required and you can get the login details in the email sent to you when you completed your order. Also ensure you tick mark the ‘Remember me’ to save password details. Keep Protocol ‘Automatic’ or select your desired Protocol in the drop down menu.
  5. Click on ‘Purpose or Country’ dropdown menu to select server based on the purpose. Now the much awaited moment is here… Click on ‘Quick Connect’ to connect the VPN and enjoy unrestricted access to Facebook.

After connecting PureVPN launch any browser of your choice to start surfing.

You can also watch the tutorial on how to connect PureVPN via this YouTube link>>

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