Honda Mobilio vs Toyota Innova

Honda has launched the first MPV for the Indian market which is the 7 seater Honda Mobilio. Available with two engine variants both of which are attached to a manual transmission five speed gearbox, this vehicle has been inspired from the hatchback of Honda which is Honda Brio just like Honda Amaze. In comparison to Amaze, the wheelbase is more extended which ensures a lot more cabin room and lot of comfort for the passengers. The design of the cabin is quite similar to Honda Amaze except that the audio system has a touch screen mechanism in the higher end models. The front profile is quite similar to Amaze except that the grille is different and the bumper has a very sporty look. This is also a much taker vehicle and is very different from the other MPVs available in the Indian market.

Honda Mobilio

Toyota Innova is an eight seater vehicle which has been launched by Toyota and has since become extremely popular in the Indian market. The design of the car is very conservative and the front profile is very good with lots of chrome which has also been integrated in the headlamps. This is a tall vehicle and has a great road presence. The interiors have been elegantly done and the finishing is very good. It has two engine variants and both the engines have been fixed to a five speed gearbox which has a manual transmission.

Toyota Innova

Engine and Performance

Honda Mobilio has two engine variants. One is the 1.5 liter petrol engine which is very efficient and is the same which has been used in Honda City. This engine produces a maximum power of 116bhp and a maximum torque of 146Nm. The 1.5 liter diesel engine is the same that has been used in Honda Amaze as well as diesel version of Honda City and produces a maximum power of 100hbp and a maximum torque of 200Nm. The top speed is 150kmph and the acceleration is very good.

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Toyota Innova also has two engine variants and the petrol engine can accelerate from idling to 100kmph within 13.3 seconds whereas the diesel engine can accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in 17.01 seconds. The petrol engine of this vehicle is very powerful and is produces a maximum power of 136PS @ 5600rpm and a maximum torque of 82Nm @ 4000rpm. The diesel engine can produce a maximum power of 102PS @ 3600rpm and a maximum torque of 200Nm between 1400rpm and 3400rpm. The top speed for the petrol engine is 179kmph whereas the top speed for the diesel engine is 155kmph. The acceleration of the car is very good which makes it perfect to be driven on the city roads and driving on the highways is a definite treat.


The 1.5 liter petrol engine of Honda Mobilio delivers a mileage of 17.3kmpl according to the ARAI standards but in the real world scenario it delivers a mileage of 11-12kmpl on the city roads and 16-18kmpl on the highways. According to the ARAI certification, the diesel engine delivers a mileage of 24.2kmpl but in reality it delivers a mileage of 15-16kmpl on the city roads and 22-24kmpl on the highways.

According to the ARAI standards, the petrol engine of Toyota Innova delivers a mileage of 12.5kmpl and the diesel engine delivers a mileage of 13.5kmpl. When it comes to the real world scenario, the petrol engine delivers a mileage of 17.8kmpl on the highways and 9.8kmpl on the city roads. On the other hand, the diesel engine delivers a mileage of 19.2kmpl on the highways and 10.5kmpl on the city roads.


Honda Mobilio has an extended wheel base and thus the cabin space is quite impressive. The first two rows are perfect to seat five tall adults and the last row can also seat two adults quite comfortably. The seats in the middle can be adjusted to get more leg room and knee room and all the seats can be adjusted to recline which ensures great comfort for the passengers. The head room, leg room and knee room for the passengers is very good. The interiors have been done up in two tones and has many features like cup holders and good air conditioning. The speedometer looks very impressive and has an analog design. The boot space is quite impressive and the back seats can be folded to carry more luggage.

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The interiors of Toyota Innova has been done up very well and the trims and finishing is very elegant. There are arm rests for the passengers in the front and there are 7 seaters as well as 8 seater vehicle options in Toyota Innova. The head room, leg room, knee room and shoulder room is very excellent and the journey would be very comfortable for all the passengers. The speedometer is multi functional and displays a lot of information like speed, fuel level, tachometer and odometer. The air conditioning is very effective and ensures great cooling effect in summers as well. Other features include keyless entry, driver information display, cup holders and a spacious glove box. Even when all the seats are used, the vehicle has an impressive boot space of 300 liters.


Being based on the design of Honda Amaze, the front profile of Honda Mobilio looks quite similar to Amaze but the company has changed the front bumper and the grille in the front is chrome grille which is very wide. The car is also longer than Amaze and is extremely good-looking. The bumper looks very stylish and the fog lamps look trendy. The rear design is also very good and the spit tail lights make it even more attractive. The rear windshield has a wiper. The side profile looks very elegant due to the wheel base which is long. This vehicle has a ground clearance of 185mm which makes it perfect for the Indian roads.

Honda Mobilio  Back

Toyota Innova has a matured look due to the design of the front profile which has lots of chrome on the front grille and the fog lamp enclosure. The front bumper too has a great design. The turn indicators have been integrated with the head lamps and protrude a little which give the vehicle a very elegant look. The side profile looks very impressive with simple lines and rear profile looks attractive with a chrome strip on the lid. It also has an amazing ground clearance of 176mm which is perfect for the bumpy roads of India.

Toyota Innova Back

Handling, Braking and Safety

Honda Mobilio is very easy to handle even though it is big in size. The disc brakes are very powerful and thus provide a great braking mechanism for the vehicle. Also ABS and EBD ensures that the braking mechanism is efficient. This vehicle has been loaded with many safety features like airbags, child lock, ABS with EBD, seat belts and warning for the driver seat belt.

Though Toyota Innova is long and big, it is quite easy to handle. The brakes of the vehicle are powerful and thus the braking mechanism is also very effective. Safety features include child lock, airbags, ABS, and immobilizer.

Both the cars have some very strong features and engines that perform well. But when it comes to mileage and fuel efficiency, Honda Mobilio is a sure shot winner.