Great Tools for Great Presentations

Most white collar jobs and academic pursuits, by their nature, require presentations from time to time. Knowing how to communicate with an audience during such presentations is crucial, but you should also know the best tools to use. This is particularly important today because we are using our presentations for more purposes than ever before. For example, we are posting them on the internet, and we are putting them on digital signage.


In this article we are going to look at some of the best alternatives to the traditional Powerpoint and projector setup. By the end of this piece you should be more aware of the many options available to you, whether your presentation is in person, or being streamed by viewers.

Board builder

This is a digital platform that allows you to choose backgrounds, text formats, templates, colour schemes, and a lot more to suit your presentation, without altering the original document. It is similar to Glogster, used a lot in the classroom, and can be described as a modern poster board. After choosing your preferences, the board allows you to save them for use in the future. This board can also be converted for digital signage use.


In combination with wireless presentations systems, such as those offered by UK business technology specialists Videonations, Clickshare, from Barco, allows multiple users to interact on a single projection screen with a click of a button. It is the perfect solution for staff meetings, as it allows everyone to share ideas and contribute to ongoing discussions and solutions. Laptops, tablets and smartphones can connect seamlessly to create a high-tech dialogue.


This is an interactive whiteboard solution that captures your handwriting and voice, making it easy to produce video presentations to be shared with clients. It is a simple but sophisticated way of recording your presentations, and distributing them.


With this tool you can design interactive maps with routes, zooming, heat maps and other such elements. The maps generated can be viewed on any device.


This company provides a range of marketing collateral. Retractable banners are one example and are a fantastic way to compliment an in-person meeting.

Tools for creating your presentations


With Prezi it is easy for you to create and present your ideas on a large zoomable virtual canvas.  Adding ideas, videos, and images is simple with this application, and it possible for you to arrange your elements in a manner that truly tells a story. You can use Prezi to create your presentations on a desktop or laptop while in the office, and on mobile devices while you are on the go, as it supports cloud computing. If you are not using the cloud yet you really should be. Here is a guide to cloud computing to get you going.

EWC Presenter

Are you looking to create HTML5 presentations that are both interactive and professional? This is the tool to use. It is free to use and the editor is WYSIWYG, allowing you to design simple content for your presentations in HTML5. You can animate your presentations with the aid of a Flash-like editor, and select key frames too.


With Sliderocket you can import your presentations from Powerpoint and revamp them to produce presentations that are not just vibrant, but also dynamic. This tool allows you to work with HD videos, audio, charts, pictures and flash.


With Vuvox you get to enjoy 3 main features. These are the Studio, Express and Collage. You can use them to create presentations that have feeds, links, audio, and video, as well as photos from Flicker and Picasa. This is the tool to use if your presentation is showcasing a documentary. It is also a great tool for people showing multimedia collage presentations that require them to incorporate rich media elements.


So, you no longer have to rely on Powerpoint, and the conventional whiteboard. Take your presentations to the next level with these amazing tools.