Google Vs Microsoft Vs Apple – Top US Tech Companies and Innovation

The technological world in which we’re currently living into has been dominated by a few giants who have the biggest impact on the different niches of the technology.

The technology has seen soaring change on the internet, computer and mobile world and the world’s most developed counter United States of America (US) has the big fishes.

The three major companies, namely Google, Microsoft and Apple are not only the stalwarts of the US market but in the world technology as well. Here below are some common things and innovation which has led these companies to the heights where they currently are.

The Google

The internet giant of today’s world was founded bask in the August 2004 by two PhD students namely Larry Page and Sergey Bin. Since the time of its launch it has come a very long way which is now almost unconquerable for all its competitors.


The Google has virtually dominated the entire online world with its innovative strategies and mutual benefit sharing policies. The Google is now a god for the blogger who are earning a handsome amount of money and international recognition because of it.

There are various products which are offered by Google to the mankind and have changed the face of technology across the globe. The Google is now not only a search engine where people come to get answer to their queries, but it is a platform which can turn them into stars overnight just like Justin Bibber did.

The list of Google Products is endless, but here are a few of them with a brief description.

Google Ads – Every blogger wishes for the Google ads on his blog so that he can earn a few bucks from the blogging.

Android – The world’s most famous smartphone operating system is from Google, which apparently covers 75% of the whole market.

Google Search – The Google has got the search engine which can deliver all the answers of yours in a jiffy with accuracy as well.

Google Glass – The high-tech new generation glass is a device which can give you the feeling that you’re really a superman.

There are a lot more products from Google, which has changed the world completely and I bet you know them all.

The Microsoft

A dropout from a college decided to run his own firm of software systems and today we know that company by the name of Microsoft and the man known as the richest person on earth ‘ Bill Gates’.


The Microsoft has taken the computer operating world to its new heights and has dominated every other company. The product, called windows has become the synonym of the operating system in the world just like Google stands for the internet.

The influence of the Microsoft is so deep that people don’t say like get operating system, but get windows for your computer.

The statistical data in terms of dollars is beyond the imagination for the Microsoft as its owner has turned it into a money-making machine. The Microsoft also has the operating system with the same name for its sister company Nokia as well.

The fact is very true that no company in the recent past or in the future will be near to the Microsoft in every part like profit, market, reputation and product quality as well.

The Apple

The Apple is another US company which has dominated in its own niche which is smartphones. The founder, Steve Jobs had a dream of providing a device which is epic in quality and simple like hell while using.


The Apple’s devices are named as iDevice like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Each device has enough user bases around the world to make this company leader across the globe.

The selling tactics from Apple has also been different from the conventional methods which has made sure that the brand never loses its value on any front. People wait for the Apple’s devices for months just to get the most out of the world experience.

The iPhone has dominated the whole smartphone world with its magnificent class and ease, security and features, style and looks. The Apple actually is a rendezvous of smartness and technology.

The iPad has been a true champion in the tablet niche. The iPad offers a great deal of support for its users with its classy design and out of the world features.

The iPod is for those who are music freak and want to get the best experience while listening to the music with access to the internet and games as well through the Apple’s patent iTunes store.

Other than these, the Apple also has its own range of computers called Macintosh or Mac with the iOS platform instead of windows in it. The computers are also unique and best in the quality like its other products.

Though, the only concern for the users has been the price of Apple products, which is quite high than usual, but you‘ll get the best value for your money once invested.

The Apple’s market strategy which tells us that the company will keep only 3 of its products from the above mentioned list like only 3 iPhones will be available in the market at one time has made its brand value till now and I hope it stays like it in near future too.

Wrap Up

All the above 3 mentioned companies have done well in their respective niches and set an example of how innovation can lead you to the success. All the three giants are from the US which makes sure that the country stays on top while someone talk about the technology.

The other ventures can surely learn a big deal of tactics from them and by applying their methods with the sincere efforts can take them to the new heights as well.

Though, the only common thing which these 3 biggies have is the unique thinking and creativity which can’t be learn from anywhere and to achieve that you just need to believe your guts and capabilities.