Google Glass and Year 2014: How Wearable Tech will change the Future of Technology

Ever since the death of iconic Steve Jobs, Apple seems to have lost its mojo. The tag of innovative company has now been passed to the search engine giant Google. It’s Google X division is trying hard to bring some futuristic ideas to reality. One of the most popular product from the Google X labs is the Google Glass. The project was in development stage since past two past years, and although it isn’t available commercially Google started offering its developer version in last year itself.

Google Glass ModularThere’s a huge interest in the project and the concept amongst the public as the gadget seems to really change the way they use technology. However there’s no official information of its launch, which is rumored to be mid of the year. But in the meantime, Google is improving the Glass and it has recently released the titanium frames for it. Earlier it introduced mono ear buds which are used for listening to audio through the gadget.

Google Glass Search

How to get Google Glass

Google Glass is not available anywhere for sale but still you can buy it second-hand from other people, who already got a chance to get it. And you can also join The Glass Explorer Program on its official site and Google will contact you to buy it whenever it comes.

The Google Glass Explorer Program

US residents can join this program and help in building the future of wearable technology. As an explorer, you can develop apps for the Google Glass and also give Google feedback about the product, its design and features.

How it Feels to Wear the Glass

Here is a video available from Google that will help you to understand how it feels to wear it and use it.

Google Glass API

As stated earlier, the developers can try to do something innovative with the Glass API. By this API you can learn about its design and apply it in your Glassware. For more information on this API, refer to developer documentation at

Google Glass Cost

However, company is currently offering the developer edition which is quite costly at USD 1,500. But don’t worry, the Google Glass is expected to be cheaper once it goes on sale.

Google Glass Features

  • Video Recording (For recoding video you have to say “Ok Glass, record the video”.
  • Displays time on Screen
  • Everything comes on the screen of the Glass as you speak it.
  • Taking Pictures
  • Sharing a video live
  • Directions on the Screen
  • Sending messages
  • Ask Questions and answers will come on the screen
  • Voice Translation
  • Intelligent Answering
  • Powerful and Light Gadget
  • Modular design
  • Available in Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton, Sky colors

The best thing about technology is that it changes very fast and continues making users life better. In the year 2014, we are seeing a lot of companies investing in building wearable technology, so much so that many regard it as the ‘year of wearable technology’. Some other examples of wearable technology are smartwatches, smart wristbands etc.