Google Drive v/s Dropbox v/s SkyDrive: Which One is the Best Choice?

Confused while choosing the best cloud storage device? Do you need a little help of ours in deciding and choosing the best choice among a wide range of cloud storage options? If yes, then turn your head forward with us and choose the best one which will fulfil your needs as well as is right for your pocket too. Here we did a brief comparison between the top cloud storage services i.e. Google Drive v/s Dropbox v/s SkyDrive.

We are living in the world of technology and internet where people are increasingly demanding for services where they can safely save their data and much more. Now-a-days, users are more into using online services rather relying on local services especially the storage devices. The online storage services helps in reducing the risks of losing any important data. There are various types of cloud storage services available for users helping them in storing important documents safely online.

So, guys are you finally ready to take a plunge into storing all your important data into the best cloud storage device?

Today, we have taken an advantage for outlining the differences among the popular cloud storage options which are available in the market. Whether you have ever used a cloud storage or not or even if you are unhappy with the one you are using, then this primer will definitely going to help you all in choosing the best by introducing the major players available out there.

Google Drive

It was unveiled as a helpful tool, Google Docs which eventually transformed into Google Drive. Google Drive is a basic and a complete office suite including cloud storage. Users using this service get a bit of everything including spreadsheet application, presentation builder as well as word processor and a free storage space of 15GB. Users having a Google account can easily access their Google Drive and even you can easily download the desktop and mobile app for the same.

Google Drive

The mobile and desktop Google Drive app helps in managing all the files anywhere anytime which will automatically syncs with the cloud as well. This storage device is in-built in Chromium which is a web-based operating system by Google. This service features an in-built Office suite which helps users in editing their presentations as well as word documents and spreadsheets. This service also supports wide range of third-party apps including signing documents in real-time as well as faxes.

Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services where users can easily drag and drop their files which upload automatically in the drive itself. Users can also preview their attachments from their Gmail accounts and can save directly to drive. This service requires a little setup and it’s easy in saving attachments through Gmail service with a single click.


Dropbox is one of the favourite cloud storage services because of its reliability and it’s really easy to use. Users can store all the files on this service and can easily access them at any time from the official Dropbox website as well as through desktop applications for Linux including Ubuntu, Windows and Mac. Users can access to DropBox from Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone, iOS and BlackBerry apps. It also allows users to drag and drop their files from storage to desktop and vice versa.


This cloud storage service helps in syncing all the data quickly across all the files available on the devices which further helps the user in accessing every file with its real time connection. There is no restriction on the size of the file whether user is uploading from desktop app or through official website or any smartphone app but larger files takes a long time in uploading depending on the speed of the internet connection.

Since the launch of Dropbox, it has managed to collect praises about its clean and impressive design. Though, the design of its website is pretty simple as well basic and even doesn’t give users many options for viewing and organising the files but its desktop and mobile apps are beautifully and attractively designed which are even really easy to navigate through.

This cloud storage service gives its users wide range of opportunities including storage of 2GB as a give-away benefit for its new subscribers. This service is the best among the other services because of its greatest strength which is particularly that it works pretty well on smartphones as well as Macs and PCs. This service is elegantly and simply designed.


Recently, Microsoft gave SkyDrive a makeover with a beautiful shiny replacement, OneDrive. The name has been changed after a legal battle and the company finally decided to add some new features to its cloud storage service. Users who are using devices loaded with Windows 8 or 8.1 have in-built SkyDrive or OneDrive within their system and it shows up in the file explorer just adjacent to all the files stored on the hard drive of same.


This cloud storage device is easily available for every user on Web. Users need to download the app for the earlier versions of Windows OS as well as for their smartphones. Using OneDrive, users can easily store their personal data including important documents, videos and photos and finally can easily access them through any mobile device or PC. This service helps in organising all the files systematically so that the user can find them easily.

After its legal battle for changing its name, the company has also updated its app for all smartphone users. This app is equipped with the biggest strength and that is, it works closely with all the Microsoft Office apps which help the user with real time experience by collaborating it with other people.

The company is hoping that their cloud storage device, OneDrive will be a place where a user can store all the important data. Furthermore, they are even working on a technology which will sort out everything on its own (deciding the importance of pictures clicked, keeping the valuable ones and trashing the useless).


So, which service you think is the best choice for you? We all know that there is no one-size which fits in well with all the solutions in terms of cloud storage as well as syncing apps but luckily we have a wide range of options available in the market. Google and Microsoft has already entered into the fray and with this there is one thing on which you can trust i.e. the app which you will choose will get better and better as well as cheaper too because of the extra competition. Being a user of a cloud storage service, if you need storage of +1TB then, Google Drive is the obvious choice which provides free storage up to 15GB and allows users to purchase further storage accordingly. On the other hand, if you really don’t need storage above 200GB, then the best option is SkyDrive. Choose the best guys! Choice is yours!

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  • October 6, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    Hi Sajay!

    Definitely all the three Cloud Storage drives you have elaborated nicely here are quite useful for everyone in current scenario. Today, no internet user wants to stay dependent up to physical devices he has. Rather using cloud is the best option for everyone.

    Personally, I use Drop box for its reliability and its expanding option. As you have specified it is also easier to use via desktop applications for Linux including Ubuntu, Windows and Mac and its real time connection properties works really quick.

    But after going through this post, I found SkyDrive and Google Drives also interesting. But I want to ask a question – Can a user use all there 3 SERVICES ON SINGLE DEVICE SIMULTANEOUSLY?

    Please specify.

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