War Between Google and SEO – Is the SEO Dead?

The today’s world of internet has gotten a synonym called Google. The search engine has become so big that everything under the internet falls for it. It has dominated the virtual world single handedly and so as the empire of itself.

The blogging, which has also carved a niche for itself and has turned into passion instead of a hobby, is also getting affected by the dominance of Google. Every blogger wants his/her website to rank on the top of Google’s first page and they are making countless efforts to do so.


The Google has been a fair player for the years, but, now the scenario is getting changed. The updates from Google are not continues and helpful like before.

The bloggers are used to practice the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the best results on their blogs, websites, but these days they’re not getting much help from it because of the Google policies.

Here are some topics which will clear the picture between SEO and Google.

The Keyword Research

The SEO is very much depends on the keyword selection. The bloggers get the idea of what people want and expect from them to use the particular keywords.

It also helps them to rank better on the search engine and hence improving the reputation of their blog. Now, what the Google has done is that it is going to secure the entire organic key word search.

The results of the above will surely affect the bloggers as now they won’t be able to get to know that what people are looking for.

The PageRank Updates

Earlier Google was tended to provide the PageRank to the well performing blogs, which in turn was getting the best results for the bloggers and helping them in earning by placing ads, guest posts, links and much more.

Now, there are no updates from the Google since last 8 months, that is, it has skipped 2 PageRank updates. It has largely affected the bloggers as they are not sure about the response work they’ve done. The bloggers are in a dilemma over their tactics and policies regarding the SEO they’ve adopted for the better PageRank.


Recently, Google has introduced its Hummingbird update for the bloggers, which has left the bloggers uncertain about their blog’s past work.

The points which were made by the Hummingbird require a makeover from the bloggers in their strategies about writing articles and SEO, which I guess won’t be very easy to adopt in short time to stay away from the Google’s penalty.

In-Depth Articles

Google now has asked the bloggers to write the in-depth articles which should not go stale in the near future. Now, after the key word search restriction it won’t be easy for the blogger to do that quickly.

The in-depth articles also require a great deal of SEO strategy from the bloggers to make sure that their blogs stay on top amidst the competition and Google’s policies.


In order to make the Google+ a FB dominator, the Google has provided the authorship option for the bloggers and has told them that if they’ll use it then they can get the desired results.

This step has seen a worldwide change in the SEO strategies for the blog promotion from the blogger’s side as the traffic and blog’s reputation is their utmost priority. However, this is more than a Google+ beneficiary policy, then it is for bloggers and they have to do a great amount of work by changing the old SEO techniques for that.

Guest Posting

The well SEOed articles used for the guest posting purpose were the richest source of backlinks and traffic in the past. But, the Google has now changed the scenario by updating that the guest post may not be as effective as it was earlier.

This decision has left the millions of bloggers in a dilemma as now they need to change the SEO technique for the promotion of their blog and to get the desired backlinks.

Do the above updates have only bad sides?

The topics which have been discussed above looks like they have the bitter sides only, but, the despite all that bitterness they have some candies hidden in them.

All the above decision made by Google has also made sure that the bloggers should not get stuck up with the conventional things only and keep their mind open for the new aspects of technology and SEO.


The above updates will bring the best from you and will be long lasting unlike the past results. For example, the in-depth article will bring the traffic on your blog for months, which to the point shot article can’t do.

I guess the above decisions are for the mutual benefits, though the Google+ percent of profit is more, but still you can earn a handsome amount from the Google.

Wrap Up

The war between Google and SEO is a term which has been in the limelight by the bloggers only. I personally don’t think this way because if the Google wish to destroy you and your blog, then it’ll take no time for it to do so.

But, the Google won’t do that ever as still it is earning from you guys only and returning your money only to you. So the strategies will be for the mutual benefits forever according to me. What’d you say?

Prashant Talreja

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I'm a hardcore automobile fun. The love for automobiles makes my entry into the blogging arena. And, I ended up as a technical writer. Now, I cover almost all topics under the tech niche for almost 2 years.

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  • September 17, 2014 at 3:02 pm

    SEO will never dead . After any new updates some people website rank get down just because of native seo and black hat seo. And those people claim that seo is dead. But if you use proper seo for your website you always will get benefits and will realize what i seo and why it will never dead.

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