Gmail’s New Feature allows You to Reach More People

When it comes to technology Google believes in one thing try it out. To push its social network, Google+, the search giant has recently started a feature which allows people to mail other Google+ users. What’s more worrying is that this is possible even if the user isn’t having email Id of the other person.

This new feature has advance capabilities to send email to people available in your Google+ connections. With this feature Google wants to give more options to users on Gmail for reaching new people.

How this Feature Works?

Go to Gmail and click on Compose then start typing a contact’s name and now the Gmail will show email address along with the people who are available in your Google+ connections.

New Message Option in Gmail showing Google Plus Connections

With this new feature your email will be only shared with people whom you want. Your email is not visible to users until you send an email to that person and the email address of the users is not visible to you unless they send you an email.

How to Enable or Disable this Feature?

You can control the setting and whether or not people can contact you. Sending emails to your Google plus connections also takes benefit of Gmail’s new Inbox categories. If someone in your Google plus circle emails you then this email will show in primary category and if anyone is not in your circle and emails you that will be separated out into the Social category.

Email via Google+ Option in Gmail

To enable and disable this feature go to settings in your Gmail and then in General Tab scroll down and you will see Email via Google+ option. From here you can control who can send you email on your Google+ Connections.

Email via Google Plus: An Example

This advance feature is rolling out to users who use Gmail and Google Plus and users will also get an email regarding the availability of this feature. Those who got the email you are lucky to use this feature now.

Let us know through comments what do you think about this new feature and whether this sounds useful or infringes on your privacy?