Getting more Foxtel content for less

With the newer offers, where cable TV and phone services are being combined, it comes as no surprise that customers are getting a better deal and paying everything with one bill, making it cost less and getting a real bargain out of it. On the other hand, the continual upgrade system is phenomenal, and you can get newer content right away, without having to pay any extra. Moreover, with the added features of combining the Internet as well, customers are really getting a sweet deal out of it.


Customer support is great

If you want to know what the imminent changes are going to be, and if you want to stay up to date with current events and happening, it is best to head over to their support page. You can find everything that will happen in detail, and you can also find out about new deals and discounts. Furthermore, you can also check out existing offers and how you can get them, without any extra costs, so that your bill stays low in the end.

Home entertainment on a whole new level

As the service is being upgraded continually, customers are getting more and more content and value for absolutely no extra payment, which is making home entertainment a joy. Customers are also getting features which will enable them to further enjoy their entertainment without having to invest anything while under contract. Existing customers should rejoice, as these new features are being added automatically to subscribed customers.


Best of both deals

With Foxtel from Telstra it is possible to get more out of your deal, and to truly enjoy home entertainment as it was intended. For minimal fess, it is possible to get all the great value bundles, which enjoy phoning and Internet too, making it an even more interesting deal. All you have to check though, is whether you are eligible to get the Telstra service or not. But in the end, you will have the option to really enjoy the great services.

Paying less and getting more

Unfortunately, it was possible to see that in Australia people do not like to pay a lot of money for services they think is asking too much money. Which is why it is great that Foxtel is increasing its content but reducing the prices even more, ensuring that customers get the best possible deal for binge watching. However, there will always be room for improvement, and with a great cable service it will be possible to bridge those gaps and make sure that customers get everything they deserve, and even more to keep them happy.

Subscription television on a whole different level

Generally speaking, people try to avoid subscription TV, as they believe that what they get is not worth the price they are paying, but over at Foxtel’s, it is possible to tailor a deal which will best benefit you. Customer satisfaction is most important, and unless you go away as a happy TV subscriber, rest assured that the company will try to make a deal that will best benefit your needs, and that you go home happy and satisfied. Keep in mind that frequent upgrades and service improvements are part of the deal, making it even more worth to subscribe now.