How to Get space back in your Gmail Account

One of the biggest reasons for Gmail’s success was the unlimited space (around 1 GB) in its starting years. This was mind-boggling when compared to paltry 5 to 50 megabytes storage available on Hotmail (now Outlook) or Yahoo mail in those days. Gmail also provided the ability to send large attachments of 25 MB, which was another reason for its success.

Fast forward to 2013, Gmail’s storage has increased, but not as much as Yahoo mail or Outlook. Both of these email services now offer better storage than Gmail. Another problem is that Google has unified the storage for Gmail and its cloud storage Google Drive to give a user 15 GB of storage. But, if a user is having too many things in their Google Drive, then they will get less space in Gmail.

So, what’s the possible solution to this problem? One can migrate to other email services, but that would require huge efforts. One can try deleting their emails, but this is very lengthy and manual process. Don’t worry, we bring to you a very simple and effective method to get space back in your Gmail account in this how-to.

Step 1-

Find Big Mail

Visit on your browser.

Step 2-

Find Big Mail Step 2: Screenshot

Enter your email id in the form and click ‘Find Big Mail’. Gmail will require your permission to allow this service for accessing your emails.

Step 3-

Find Big Mail Step 3: Screenshot

The website will try to analyze your Gmail account, so give it some time. If you want, you can simply close the tab and you will receive an email, once Find Big Mail completes its analysis.

Step 4-

Find Big Mail Step 4: Screenshot 1

Now, the process is done and it is time to see which of the emails are consuming most of the memory. The service lists down the emails which are having the largest attachments. As we can see in the charts that most of emails in my inbox are have low memory. This means that just because of few emails, my Gmail’s space is filled.

Find Big Mail Step 4: Screenshot 2

If this seems confusing, then simply visit your Gmail account and check the labels. Find Big Mail would have created some labels for you such as Mails > 1 MB, 5 MB and 10 MB and most importantly 10 devices.

Step 5-

This is the simplest step, as now you can see the emails which are consuming most of the space in you inbox. You can delete the irrelevant and old emails from your inbox and easily get your space back on Gmail.

So how many emails did you deleted and how much space you got back in Gmail?