Fix Broken Links in Your WordPress with Plugins

It is annoying when we search something, but only get a 404 error page with messages like “Error: Link Not Found” or “Page not Found”. Especially when we visit pages of a same website but get many 404 error pages,. It makes us doubt the credibility of that site. 404 error pages are harmful to SEO and user experience. So, just avoid the error pages as much as possible.

Before we talk about tips to avoid 404 error pages, we give several reasons why it happens. Please take a look:

  • Incorrect URL are written down to search;
  • Web hosting for that website or page is not well maintained;
  • Website masters transfer the site to another domain, causing original links to get broken;
  • Domains do not exist and neither page links do;
  • Pages that links lead to do not exist any longer;
  • Different firewall settings.

From above reasons, we could see that 404 error pages are often related to links. When links you enter get broken, you see 404 error pages. In below, we narrow down the topic and just teach you how to fix broken links with plugins in WordPress to avoid 404 pages. Follow us.

Fix Broken Links in Your WordPress with Plugins

The first plugin we want to introduce to resolve the problem is Broken Link Checker. It is a free plugin that can be directly downloaded from the WordPress Directory. The best benefit of this plugin is that it checks all links in your websites and troubleshoots broken links. Thus, you can ensure that your website does not have any broken links to make your readers annoying and affect your SEO.

In below, we would like to briefly teach you how to use this plugin to fix broken links.

  1. You need to install Broken Link Checker in your WordPress site and active it firstly.
  2. Run Broken Link Checker to check whether your website has broken links. It may take some time especially you have a content-rich website.
  3. Then you will see a clean table with broken links. You can click each of them to view.
  4. The most core step comes. You know which links get broken. You now need to fix them. You can just editing the links so that it can work correctly and lead your readers to a right page. You can also unlink the broken links.

What’s more, Broken Link Checker allows you to change settings of checking frequency. So, you can decide how often to check your website URLs. A large website with abundant links should be frequently and regularly checked. The plugin sends you email to inform you broken links as well.

Note that Broken Link Checker works for searching missing videos and images.

The second plugin to check and fix broken links is Broken Link Manager. It is also a free plugin right from the WordPress directory. Broken Link Manager could check broken links for your website consistently. And if you want, you can receive email from that plugins once a broken link in your website happens.

Another plugin W3C Link Checker is a good helper to fix broken links in WordPress too. It could be free downloaded from Github and installed it on your web server as a CGI script or on the command line. W3C Link Checker could check links and anchors for your whole site or just certain pages. The best of the plugin is complete checking it does.

The last plugin we want to introduce is Xenu’s Link Sleuth. It checks broken links for websites too. But this plugin could recheck broken links in case of network errors. Furthermore, you could get a report from this plugin at any time. The report comes with simple format so that you can clearly know what happens. You can also export the report to a CSV file less than 1MB and send to your partners.

Besides above, there are a lot of other plugins and even other methods to help you fix broken links in your website. You can try anyone but you have to do that since keep it in mind that avoiding broken links and 404 error pages is essential to your website.

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