Five iPad 6 Rumours Worth Paying Attention to

Although there is little official information about the forthcoming iPad, there is as always, rumours to be had about its release (whenever that happens to be), alongside a whole other host of claims centred around the gadget.

iPad 6

Here are the ones worth reading about:

Its Release Date

As expected, the new iPad looks set for release early in 2015, and what is to be the ‘iPad Air 2’, should be here around October, as historically, Apple is known for updating lines at least once every 12 months.

Its Name

Though we are at this point, quite happy to call it the ‘iPad 6’, it has also been rumoured to be called the iPad Pro, which isn’t unlikely, as that’s exactly what happened with the MacBook Pro in 2006.

Its Design

It is unlikely that the new iPad will be changed much in the way of design, though it is rumoured to be kitted out with a 12-inch screen, which is roughly the screen size of a MacBook Air, which sits at 11.6-inches.

What is expected however is a much heavier iPad win comparison to the Air, which is weighted at a feather some 453.6g.

Its Storage

With a will of trying to distance the Air and what will be the forthcoming iPad, the new addition will be seen to have vast amounts of storage space. The iPad 4 currently exits shops with 128GB, which is a lot, though it may inhibit those who wish to use it for serious business, which is where the Pro will likely come in.

Experts are hoping for a figure nearing the 250GB region; plentiful for anyone wanting to replace their computer or laptop with a tablet.

Its Screen

It is reported that the new iPad will have almost UHD resolution when it arrives, citing both 2K and 4K formats. This is important as the screen needs to be able to compete with the Kindle Fire’s 339ppi (pixels per inch).

It is also expected to be able to beat the 4k televisions that are found in shops today, though it is deemed that the 4k version would be available at a later date to its 2k counterpart. It’s also great news for gamers with the meteoric rise to fame of titles like Flappy Bird, this means that a portable high definition gaming experience will now be available.

Additionally, the iPad’s webcam is thought to include eye tracking technology, and the iPhone 6 is heavily rumoured to have included it too.