First Look of Hyundai Elite i20: Is It Up To Our Expectations?

Hyundai Elite i20

On Monday, 11th August 2014 Hyundai finally had taken wraps off from their most awaited release Elite i20, their second generation. This car features not only new exterior styling elements but even interior as well. Furthermore, it will even feature a diesel engine of 1.4 litres. This car by Hyundai is being introduced with a price tag for its petrol variant at 4.89 lakh. We are here today with the first looks of Hyundai Elite i20 but do you think is it up to our expectations? Come on! Let’s find out.


Hyundai Elite i20 features crisp looks which are inspired from a design philosophy of Hyundai i.e. Fluidic 2.0. This car has got really handsome and charismatic looks with a blackened out C-pillar rear which gives it a perfect wraparound look. It features pulled back headlamps along with large grille which gives it a more sophisticated as well as belligerent look.

Hyundai Elite i20

It features a well delineated boot lid which gives it a perfect wide stance look and makes it attractive as well as looks modern. It is widely different from its previous model in terms of its tail lamps which makes this car the most appealing ones from all of its rivals. The tail lamps feature large as well as chunky lamps which gives it a perfect European look.


It has got amazingly impressive interior along with sufficient gizmos which can wow everyone. It is pretty much expected that this car by Hyundai will take on likes of the recently launched Maruti Suzuki Swift as well. It has got all-new dashboard and is even equipped with all the latest technology as well as gizmos which was expected from the beginning itself.

This car by Hyundai features an amazingly crafted centre console including well designed AC vents and 2-din infotainment system. Furthermore, it is also equipped with an instrument binnacle which looks pretty crisp as well as clear. This gives a perfect modern look to the new Elite i20 with its clear numbering lighting on its backside.

Hyundai Elite i20

In its fully loaded versions, this car features 2-tone interior upholstery with few pairing options with your smartphones as well through which you can easily access music on board. The 2-tone interior gives a perfect luxurious look to its seats which are pretty comfortable as well including a good leg space.


Hyundai i20 was launched in the year 2008 and it was a massive success. Now, with the new model this year it is expected to take the sales higher than previous. It changed over almost in every department which makes it a step over with its predecessor. It has got eye-catchy design which attracts numerous people. The interiors have been improved but have got the same performance as compared to its predecessor. Elite i20 2014 have much improved handling as well ride along with spacious interior and attractive design.

So, do you think it is up to the customer’s expectations? What you think about Hyundai Elite i20?