How to Find a Dream Job using Social Media: The Complete Guide

Finding a job has always been considered as a stressful and time-consuming task. But, if one has a good network, then it becomes comparatively easier since one can land the relevant job interviews quickly. In modern age, if used correctly, then it becomes even easier with the social media.

What makes social media so useful is that it’s easier for a job recruiter to find you. This also means that at the time when you’re not even looking for a new job, another company contacts you for it based on your social media activities. That’s why, it’s advisable to maintain social media accounts well. We will be discussing these social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Facebook: The Social Network


Going by the number of users on Facebook, if it were a country, then it would be having the 3rd largest population. That’s a lot! Though, Facebook is primarily for personal networking, it’s also one of the primary sources for a job recruiter to find you online. Hence, it becomes necessary to optimize your Facebook profile and ensure that your status updates aren’t out of the line. Follow these tips to use Facebook for job:

1)      Complete your profile with about me section, education background and work details.

2)      While mostly Facebook’s a network for friends, you can follow the people in your industry if they’re having public profile.

3)      Join the groups which discuss regarding your industry and share your knowledge.

4)      Keep your profile private, so that the recruiter might not be able to see your informal messages with friends or even pictures of you partying with friends.

Twitter: 140 Character Chatter


Twitter is one of the most active social networks for its sheer simplicity and short tweets allowing everyone to share their thoughts. It might look very casual, but in reality if used effectively, it’s one of the best ways to land up new job offers. Some of the tips which one should follow on Twitter are:

1)      Complete your profile with your real name, short bio, location and link to follow you on other networking sites. If you’ve a blog, then do give its link as well.

2)      Follow people who’re working in the same industry as of yours. However, don’t follow mindlessly, so that you’re not even able to keep up with their tweets.

3)      Interact with the people you follow with your own unique opinions in a polite manner. If you’re giving a generic reply, then they can ignore you, but if it stirs up the conversation, then there can be a very healthy discussion.

4)      Regularly tweet which complement your skills and industry.

5)      Engage with the people of your industry by discussing something, such as, a new government rule which can change the way this industry works, etc.

6)      Watch for tweets regarding jobs and reply to them instantaneously.

LinkedIn: The Professional Network


LinkedIn is the place where we all are looking for a job and recruiters for the ideal candidates. It’s also being called as living resume, since the service allows you to add all your education, work, etc. details. Here are some tips which can make your LinkedIn profile better and in turn, result in a job offer from your dream company:

1)      Complete your Profile with all the details. Not only usual Education, Work experience, summary, interests, etc. fields, but if you’ve published any papers, volunteered for a cause, and more, add that as well.

2)      Add people in your network whom you know in your work.

3)      Get recommendation from your colleagues.

4)      Join groups related to your industry and participate in them actively.

5)      Do check the active jobs section on the website on a regular basis.

In the End

The Social Media is a great way of finding a new job, but it requires some strict rules to be followed. Also, even if you don’t get a job, you’ll surely form a good network on the social media which can help you in several things.

Another tip is to Google yourself and see is your blog or social media profiles come up in the search result. This would make it easier for a recruiter to search you online.