Facebook vs. LinkedIn: What is the Best Network for Professionals?

Sometime back we covered ways to find jobs on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But, all those ways surely takes time and if we are not able to devote so much time on the websites optimizing our profile, then it’s pretty sure that they won’t able to help us much. So, what if you are short on time, but still want to maintain a presence on a network so that you can connect with other professionals in your industry, or maybe get a new job offer.

We come to your rescue as we try to find out which is the best network between Facebook and LinkedIn for a professional.

Facebook- The Social Network

Don’t go by the name, it may seem that the Facebook has always been referred to as a go to social network. This was even more prominent after the movie of the same name was released. This is partly true as well, as most of the people are on Facebook for connecting to everyone socially, resulting in more than 1 billion people registered on the website. However, the website is increasingly becoming a professional network, as well.


Using Facebook as a platform, many companies like BranchOut, BeKnown (from the number one job website- monster.com), Glassdoor, etc. are offering apps where all Facebook users can register themselves. Thus, one can easily connect with professional people or get in touch with possible recruiting agencies to get a new job. The best part about these apps is that a user don’t have to do much work and don’t even have to go anywhere from Facebook. Same can be said about the companies behind these apps as they can target more than a billion users of Facebook.


Even in India, an app called MyParichay is helping Facebook users to have a professional profile. The app become so popular that the MyParichay tied up with Shine.com allowing one to refer their Facebook friends for a job.

LinkedIn- The Professional Network

Compared to Facebook and even other social networks, LinkedIn has always positioned itself as a professional network. This is why it can’t boast the user base of Facebook as it has just a tad above 200 million users. But, this helps the website as all the people registered on it are serious about their profession and want to maintain a professional appearance.


LinkedIn is adding features to make it even a more robust and go to platform for jobs. One can fill all the details about his/ her experience, education taken and even display their tasks through sharing a presentation or website. Endorsements and Recommendations act as an additional incentive for people as this gives credibility to their skills.

The best part about LinkedIn is that it’s much easier to connect to any people. For example, if you meet someone from your industry at an event, you are much likely to add them on LinkedIn as compared to Facebook, because Facebook is considered as a personal network. LinkedIn doesn’t feels so because people are having a professional connection. The website also lets you to connect to completely unknown people by taking introduction from a common contact.


As you can see, it is very difficult to zero in on one website between them as both of them have their own pros and cons. However, when it comes to professional needs, LinkedIn seems to have an upper hand because of its focus on the same. But, it doesn’t means that Facebook can’t challenge LinkedIn, especially as most of people are already its members that’s why apps like BranchOut got popular.