Facebook Algorithm Update: How it affects Small Businesses?

Facebook officials announced that they are changing the News Feed. It will now only show content that is of the most relevance to the user. They say that you will now receive balanced updates from public figures, publishers, business and community organisations as well as friends. Only now, the news that the user receives will be more relevant to what they want to learn about. Basically, it will not be as spammy as before.


3 Main Updates

  • With the first update, Facebook wants to provide more content to the users that usually do not get enough of it. In the past, Facebook used to hide multiple posts from the same source. This was a way to prevent spam. Now, the leading social network is bending that rule a bit to provide the user with high quality content even if it comes from the same publisher.
  • The second update is concerned with showing you the most relevant posts from friends you care about. Those include status updates, photos and videos which will be shown higher in the News Feed. In this way, there is hardly a chance to miss some the updates that are relevant to you. Facebook said that it wants to strike a good balance of content for every user, so the pages that you like interacting with will still show you the content that you care about.
  • Lastly, the third update is all about not getting annoying notifications every time a friend has liked or commented on something. Many users have complained about seeing too much of their friends’ activity on their news feed and Facebook addresses this problem directly. You will no longer notice each interaction your friend has with a certain piece of content.

Facebook Pages

The next question we will concern ourselves with is: How will these changes affect Facebook Pages? In case you don’t already know, Pages are a way for brands, organizations, and businesses to share their stories with users.

Facebook said that the distribution of a post will depend on your audience and posting activity. The reach of a post and the referral traffic may drop significantly if there are few or limited interactions with the users. You should definitely still post content via Pages, but that content needs to be user oriented and relevant.

How Does This Affect Brands?

Referral traffic to media publishers has more than doubled in the last 18 months. This is good news for brands! Facebook wants for media publishers to get their content out there. Moreover, quality content will be frequently distributed and aimed at people who really care about that specific information. The right kind of content should be distributed to the relevant user.


A number of publishers complained that their content is not reaching the user as much as before. Why is that? Because Facebook is working on spam prevention by devaluing “click bait” oriented content. Titles with shady character that mislead the user in any way will have less organic reach and value those of a real significance. Additionally, post that are relatively old will not stay on top of the news feed for as long as others, especially if there is no interaction with the content.

Only the highest quality content will appear on top of the News Feed. Mark Zuckerberg explained that due to the number of users and brands, a regular user has around 1500 stories floating around their News Feed every day. The user sees and reads approximately 100 stories out of 1500 because only the highest quality content will be distributed and kept for longer periods of time on top of the News Feed.

What Should Brands Do Now?

Some might panic and think to themselves that Facebook Pages are worthless. But they are wrong. Pages still matter a lot and have tons of traffic each month. What businesses and brands alike should do is change their social media strategy. Facebook Pages are not only for blatant and mindless advertising. They offer a way for brands to build their online identity and organise communities of users who are relevant to their field of work.

Brands that advertise correctly are receiving huge amounts of traffic. But what is the right way of getting your product or out there?

Creative Advertising

All you need to do is think outside the box. Posts such as “Click Here To Enter A Competition And Win Money” will not be considered as correct ways of advertising. Rather, what you should do is perform an analysis of your target audience and see what they are really interested in. After that comes the creative part. Give them interesting and engaging content that will be useful in their daily lives, that will make them laugh, think and engage. In this way you will get a lot of traffic from satisfied users and still be able to sell your product.


People respect authenticity and dislike spam, so they will put trust in you and your product because you will earn their trust by showing them respect that they deserve. You will do this with engaging and intriguing posts that will keep the user on your page and even share and recommend your interesting posts with others.

So there’s nothing to worry about, but your strategy might need to change if you want to stay relevant on the Internet. Nowadays, you can hardly go without a Facebook Page but the same strategy might apply on other social media websites as well.