Evernote Version 5 Updated Windows App: The ultimate Note-Taking Solution

We’re living in a digital age a time when most of the tasks are being done on our computers and mobile phones. It’s also the time when the world is skewing towards going paperless. As much as it may seem good theoretically to save papers (and thus trees), save all the data in one place (thus easier to search) and search through the data easily, most often than not it involves cumbersome process. All that changed when a small company called Evernote launched its web application allowing users to save just about any kind of note from text to images to pdfs and even web pages.

In just five years, the company and the app has come a long way supporting all the major platforms viz. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. It also has Chrome and Firefox extensions allowing users to snip any web page to be saved in Evernote. Not just limited to notes, the app is also able to optically recognize bills and receipts, etc. thus making it easier to search text from scanned images. What’s more, recently it also introduced reminder functionality giving the ability to set reminders for the tasks to users, and hence becoming a capable to do manager as well. If I start writing about Evernote and its features, the words would be too less to explain that, so for now let’s focus on the Windows app update-

What’s new in Evernote 5 for Windows

  • Cleaner interface- Inspired by the flat design which we’re seeing the hot trend nowadays (even in the new iOS), the app aims to offer modernistic look with users having no problems in reading or finding their notes.
  • Shortcuts- A panel at the top left of the app allowing users to drag notes, notebooks, tags or saved searches for quick access anytime.
  • Reminders just got better- By clicking on the alarm clock for reminder functionality, three simultaneous things happen; the note is pinned into the reminder list which is at the top of notes list, creation of to-do item and addition of alarm to the note.
  • Card View- Apart from the usual list and snippet view, this view shows all the notes in a card based layout for easier scanning.
  • Atlas- The notes are saved along with the geographical location they’re being saved in.
  • Real time search- The search now happens in the app as soon as you start typing the search words.

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Download the app and make your digital life easy by saving all notes at one place- http://evernote.com/download/get.php?file=Win5Beta