Enterprise Mobile Apps — A Paradigm Shift in Workplace Communication

Employee engagement has increasingly turned into one of the key interest areas of chief executives around the world. After checking with their HR directors and marketing team, numerous business innovators have a developing interest in workplace satisfaction. Obviously, there is a wide range of approaches to accomplish this objective based on the particular organization and the employees. Be that as it may, there are a couple of consistent strategies to foster collaboration among team members, for example, cloud computing, internal social networks and video communications.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

In the interim, enterprise mobile apps have additionally spread to numerous dynamic workplaces. The technologies facilitate communication between colleagues and can be utilized for both job-related content and something personal or humorous. The applications add an innovative aspect to an office while additionally promoting enjoyment all through the work day. The impacts may appear to be minor from the surface, yet they could go far toward guaranteeing predictable efficiency for an employee.

Tech experts who watch out for the changes in the business sector would be astute to consider the value of enterprise mobile apps. The rise of the ‘bring your own device (BYOD)’ method, the rising significance of mobile technologies in the work environment and an increased requirement for employee engagement tools have perked up the demand for these applications.

U&Me Plus Establishes Informal Workplace Communication

U&Me Plus, a new workplace communication app, is making its mark in enterprises all over the world. The application hosts chats between team members and is adept to hold a whole group or as small as three people at a time. It is already being used in many companies and vastly spreading its wings to the new markets.

The format of this app closely resembles the text messaging, thus offering employees an enjoyable diversion from the standard flood of emails. This app offers some intimacy that can’t be experienced by through face-to-face discussion, for example the facility to discuss private information while sitting next to each other.

A Brand New Approach To Workplace Surveys

Workplace surveys are nothing new, however enterprise chat apps revamp this experience. With the simple and collaborative tools, attractive and user-friendly surveys can be created within just a few minutes and can be blasted to all the employees at once. This makes the survey a simple and effective process. In addition, it makes easier for the employees to submit their responses while they are on the move. For instance, as workforce carries their smartphones almost all the time with them, they can participate in the survey wherever they are.

On the other hand, the top level executives can consolidate the data quickly and evaluate the results. It is all a new approach to employee collaboration.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for a business to figure out the chief barriers in its business model.  Nevertheless, this type of app can make the workforce more interested to share their opinions to support the business in the long term without facing probable consequences.

A More Transparent & Employee Friendly Work Environment

Transparency plays an important role in better workplace communication. As the employees are always connected through enterprise chat apps, it is simple and easy to clarify any work-related issues and get the work done. Moreover, these apps work as an enterprise-level social network, which creates a friendly environment among employees by sharing the updates, content, images and so on. As a result, there will be good bondage between the teams and hence there is a less chance for disputes between employees which is a plus point for management.

With the outburst of technology in the market, and all being unified, offices should update to be relevant in the current economy. With the help of the chat applications for workplace, business can experience boost in productivity by streamlining the lines of communication as well as reducing the squandering in the workplace by decreasing the requirement for office supplies. One major plus point for these applications is that it spurs up the customer experience easily. So, enterprise should adapt themselves to this trend and reap benefits from it.

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