Important elements of a successful mobile website design

As mobile device usage continues to grow, more and more businesses are building mobile websites to reap benefits of this growing trend. If you are thinking of building a mobile website, make sure you include the important elements discussed below so as to make your mobile website successful and to provide great user experience to your website visitors.

mobile website design

  • Simple web design- Mobile websites should have simple design. You must tailor the user interface for small screen size. Keep your site structure simple so that mobile users can take the desired action quickly and easily.
  • Similar content- The content on your mobile website and existing website should be similar. This would make website visitors feel comfortable and experience a sense of familiarity with your web design and elements. Just make sure that the formatting, spacing, font size, and other elements are looked into since content would be displayed differently on a mobile screen than what it would look like on a computer screen.
  • Keep the navigation functional- Limit the level of navigation. Place the most important information on top to make it easier for the mobile website users to find what they are looking for. Add drop down menu since it is easier to use than typing or tapping. Place the search box at the top of the page. Keep the navigation simple and clear to bring people to your mobile website.
  • Make your mobile web design finger Tap friendly-Choose a comfortable size for tapping links and add enough whitespace around different links. The size of the links should be big enough to allow users to tap easily and comfortably.
  • Add smaller images- Avoid using background images or heavy images in your Hilliard web design as this can affect the downloading speed of your mobile website. Make use of smaller images. You can showcase great photos in your individual posts and/or pages.
  • Include call to action- Use clear, call to actions in your mobile web design to enjoy higher conversion rate. Graphical call to action buttons work quite well on mobile web designs. You may add buy now button, sign up form in unique colors and fonts to get them noticed easily by the website visitors.
  • Ensure good usability and user experience- Ensuring good usability and user experience should be your goal when designing your mobile website. Keep your audience in mind, keep your site structure and design simple, create relevant design, provide user targeted navigation menu. Your mobile web site would surely work for you.

For enjoying high traffic and conversion, hire a professional web design company in Hilliard. They would be able to provide you with excellent mobile website that would work well for your business.