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Onkar Patkar

LG announced & released the Optimus G Series in November 2012. The first Flagship device to be launched in this series was the LG Optimus G (E975). Though the phone couldn’t raise eyebrows, LG gave a roar that they had entered the COMPETITION and pitted to be amongst the top “Smartphone Brands” around the world. The phone was good enough to compete with top-notch phones, but didn’t have anything different to offer.

In September 2013, LG astounded one and all for what it can do to the hardware and looks of a multimedia device. It introduced the LG Optimus G2. Taking the volume rockers and power shutter to the back made the phone do something that no-one ever even thought of. And these features are just a handful to mention amongst the sack-full of other features.

LG G3Now, in May 2014, LG has again come up with another bombshell. Launching the LG Optimus G3, it showed the world of technology, how incredibly a phone can perform when brilliant software tweaking and a gorgeous customized UI is coupled with an equally brilliant hardware design.

The G3 is a ‘LEGEND-IN-THE-MAKING’. It is compact, yeah, because it fits a massive 5.5″ display into a much smaller chassis. It has a brilliant, enviable screen: body ratio. The Quad-HD display is a marvel to stare at which will make you give the phone a much higher share of attention than your girlfriend. A massive, or should we say, super-massive pixel density of ~534ppi will make you go bonkers.

The phone is lighter than other flagships (except the Galaxy S5 which is 4 grams lighter) and it comes in two variants: 16GB/2GB and 32GB/3GB. On the camera front, it has a 13MP Laser Autofocus dual-flash camera that does its work dreadfully.Tech biggies went with big camera sensors. But LG managed to implement OIS in its Optimus G3 with only the Nokia Lumia 930 as a competitor. The camera can capture videos at 2160p quality @ 30fps and 1080p quality @ 60fps. Astonishing, isn’t it?

I use the LG Optimus L5 for the last two years and have a superb feel with the Optimus UI. What LG has done with the UI in the G3 is that it has put-in some top-notch looks that feel awesome. An ultra-massive 3000mAh removable battery is also provided for hard-reset (and we love it). It when coupled with the processor provided, will give loads of hours of usage.

LG G3 vs Sony Xperia Z2

Here, we pitted the LG G3 (RAM – 2GB variant) against the Sony Xperia Z2 (RAM – 3GB variant). Yet, it scored the same!

Now, let’s talk about the heart of the phone. The phone is motorized by a Quad-core 2.5GHz Krait 400 CPU and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (MSM8975AC) chipset. It comes bundled with Adreno 330 GPU @ 578MHz. So, we get blazing speeds and multi-tasking with intense graphics like a breeze. CAUTION: Your real life might look slo-mo as compared to the phone speed. (Just Exaggerating!!)

The phone also skins Knock-on features. This thing from LG is going to be copied real soon. Double-tap the screen and the phone comes to life (wakes-up), double-tap when screen is on, the phone locks-up the screen and sleeps. There are many things to go blah-blah with the phone like Smart Security, Kill Switch, Smart Bulletin, Smart Notice, Knock-code, etc.

My Verdict: Tech-Biggies…. Beware, the Giant Killer has arrived. Roar LG Roar….!!

Karthek Iyer

LG’s G3 is the newest kid in the mobile flagship town and it’s exuberant in every aspect. It has the latest and greatest from the Hardware chops and the craftsmanship speaks volume. Maybe “LG has covered a lot of tech ground from its Nexus Classes”. It’s rocking the maximum pixels among current flagships and returns an astounding 534PPI for number curious readers. Yes, only OPPO’s Find 7 has an equivalent display. The fact that more than 76% of the bezel is clothed with display puts this device in a league of its own and readers forgive me if I don’t mention those narrow bezels. It’d be a beauty to hold. Also use of laser beam for auto-focus in camera is a genius tech. It’s similar to sonar but works like charm (we will test that for sure) making LG G3 the Smartphone with fastest auto-focus (276ms, if you care).


The main attraction is the software chops. LG is no outsider for Android domain now. It has gone ahead of its rivals with uniqueness (Mimic volume rocker on the back of G2). The story continues with G3 too. First is the new circular motif used across the entire UX that comes resembles its Logo beautifully. You’ll say ‘Life is good’. As they said in press release “3 Core Technologies meet 3 Key UX”. The smart keyboard brings the glories of Swype, Blackberry Keyboard and Swiftkey on a virtual keyboard right out of the box. It shrinks, expands and learns your typing habits as you slide along. Smart Notice will be the key. It’s important how your phone displays notifications and more important to help prioritize them. Since the name implies, this feature notices the things that you are doing, or, in cases, isn’t doing, and offers suggestions for your next actions. This will be one such feature every user will reckon with going forward. The smart security is good though not a game changer. It basically brings abilities of some third-party apps out of the OS which is always appreciable. Overall LG has produced a better Flagship than its rivals for now.

Rahul Ahuja

I am just rubbing my eyes again & again after looking the claimed resolution and pixel density produced on the latest LG G3. The brilliant 1440 x 2560 resolution display with stunning 538 pixels per inch density on a Smartphone sounds just awesome. I am just imagining holding this Smartphone in my hands and playing High End Graphics Games. Watching Full HD videos would be a treat on the LG G3.

LG G3For the performance, the lightening fast 2.46GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core Processor with supported 3GB RAM is a perfect and probably the best hardware combination on a Smart Phone. Even, my recently bought laptop looks lagging behind while comparing it with the LG G3. LG has worked upon the styling and designing of their flagship devices. The LG G3 boasts something fresh in its build design. Everything else on the LG G3, including the Camera and the new Custom User Interface is just great to have on a Smart Phone. Even, the strong 3000mAH battery sounds cool to me.

I am eagerly waiting to see at what price, LG would launch this Smartphone in India. As a competitive price tag could really cater strong competition to Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and recently launched Sony Xperia Z2.

Himanshu Saxena

The second quarter of this year has already seen some of the most affordable phones this year. Now since LG G3 will be hitting the market very soon. So, it is certainly a bonus for gadget lovers to have so many options before buying an android phone. The Smartphone which fall in this list are Moto E, Micromax Unite 2 and few others.  And now it’s LG’s turn to heat up the environment. Yes, LG G3 has been rolled out and will be available in the United States till this summer. It has already created lot of buzz among the technology geeks.

LG G3People had very high expectations from LG G3 and the design team has not disappointed at all. It’s a wonderful phone with extraordinary User Interface. The screen resolution of LG G3 stands out in comparison with the other phones in its league. It is quite large (5.5 inch screen) but absolutely perfect for your pocket. Its 2GB RAM make sure that you play android games and run as many android apps smoothly.

Final Thoughts about LG G3

  • It’s fast thanks to 2G and 3GB RAM (different models)
  • Exceptional Camera with Laser Focus
  • It’s not heavy and dimensions are perfect for your pocket
  • Attractive Metallic Rear Body and You can customize it as well
  • Good Audio /Video Quality with powerful battery (removable) backup
  • LG has done everything they could to put this phone in competition with Upcoming Note 4, S6 and other phones in similar price.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Babit Gurung

LG G3- A new exploration for the Gadget-freaks

With its astounding pixel density of 538ppi and 5.5 inch AH-IPS LCD QHD (1440X2560 PIXEL), LG G3 compacts all the advanced technological features that would appall the gadget lovers to leave alternative options. The power drain controls including adaptive optimization can now solve the problems of exorbitant battery consumption whereas running with more features of timing control including frame rate and CPU clocking. The smart phone also expedites the notifications without delaying, that helps to stay updated as virtual assistant. The design has been intensely worked to give it the utmost user friendly features with innovatively shaped rear buttons along with trendy light weight metallic skin casing body. The storage expansion that remarkably supports up to 128GB micro SD CARD lets the users to store unlimited files and applications. The wireless charging support is another attractive feature that leaves the phone free to be used without sticking around the charging point. The exclusive “Name Alert” feature of Tone Infinim (HSB-900) headset announces the name of caller with no requirement to pull out the phone in crowded places. Another attractive feature, Answer Me+ of this head set automatically disconnects the headset once the user takes the phone near the ears. LG G3 with all other advanced features has now grown intense curiosity among the gadget freaks, where they are anxiously waiting for its launch in their respective countries.

Sanjay Negi

The Latest Flagship from LG called as LG G3 has been launched and everyone is losing their minds by its awesome quality screen and impressive features. The phone has powerful quad-core processor and available in 2 variants of 2GB RAM and 3GB RAM. With 13 MP primary camera with laser auto focus it can capture photos on the move and 2.1 MP secondary camera is good for taking your Selfie.

LG G3It is all about pretty design and awesome features so I would say it seems better than other phones available in market such as HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 and one should definitely go for it.

Let us know in comments what do you think about this phone?

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