Editorial: TechGreet on Moto X

Moto XImage Courtesy: Flipkart

Riding on the success of Moto G, Flipkart is bringing its bigger cousin Moto X to India. When Motorola announced Moto X, it formed a huge departure from the competing Android Devices. It took customization to a whole new level and marked a significant re-birth for the American Tech Giant and its then owner, Google Inc. Now that Moto X makes its Indian debut, we at TechGreet share our opinion on the device. Head on past the break and get indulged in the opportunity.

Sanjay: Moto X will not satisfy the needs of spec nerds who want more number of cores, but will definitely be liked by those who want their Smartphone to be smarter and understand their needs.

Rahul: I don’t think comparing Moto X with any Samsung Galaxy Smartphone or any Xperia will do the justice with Moto X. I personally don’t like Samsung Smartphones because of their boring design. And the Moto X has that X-Factor which will attract the Young buyers. While having a look on the specification list, I am sure that this device won’t compromise in terms of performance. Being cheaper yet strong, Moto X is a tough rival to Nexus 5.

Himanshu: One thing is for sure that it will give a fierce competition to nexus 5 as Moto X beats nexus 5 quite comprehensively in terms of specifications, and it is about 5000 rupees lower in price.

Karthek: Moto X was a big bang device for Motorola. The Americans loved it for many a reason and “Assembled in USA” topped them all.

Designed by you. Assembled in the USA

Moto X was that ideal Android smartphone the world wanted to see. It was a device that looked simple and yet highly customizable. It isn’t just about hardware prowess rather it made hardware and software become jellies. Simply put, Moto X is a device where performance meets prolonged use. With Moto Maker not being offered in India, I feel dejected but the wood and other colorful trims making its way is a real treat. At an asking price of Rs. 23,999/- Moto X offers tremendous value-based performance.

The lack of FHD Display maybe a concern but its 312PPI 720P AMOLED Panel is sharp and offers great viewing angles. For starters, Moto X runs near stock Android with few customizations for Camera UI, Notifications and always on software features.The Active Display which helps you view notifications quickly the moment you pull the phone out of your pocket is a charming add-on. Touchless Control may well be the talking point, for me it’s a gimmick. Though I use Google Now and Maluuba to dictate things but for me it isn’t a necessity. Few other software add-ons like Migrate help it make easy for you to transfer your data from your older smartphone.

Should you buy it? Yes definitely. Moto X is the perfect phone that delivers for your every single penny spent. I deem it as money spent wisely. It’s the best phone less than 25K that’s going to work in practicality and get you software updates on near immediate terms. With Moto X you won’t feel the axe.

Update: Moto X buy page goes live: Buy Now