EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review: Recovering the Deleted Files

Mistakenly deleted that all important client presentation? Don’t worry EaseUS can recover it for you.

We’re living in an electronic age where all our data is residing on our computers and laptops. While this is better than yesteryear’s method of having different files and diaries as we can find all our data and content in one place, but this is risky as well. Just an accidental press of ‘shift + delete’ combination and our file on which we’ve put so much efforts is gone or our video for a friend’s marriage as a gift is gone. These are few instances, where losing our data can put all our efforts down in the drain. But, what if we tell you that there’s a way to recover those deleted files? Yes, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, as the name suggests, can help you out for recovering the files.


The EaseUS software is available in two versions depending upon the operating system:

Free data recovery software for Windows- working on Windows 2000 and above including the latest Windows 8.

Data recovery software for mac- working on Mac OS 10.6 and above including the latest OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

We installed the EaseUS software on our Windows 8 laptop and it’s worth mentioning that the installation file is of very small size.


The Data recovery wizard is available in two versions- Free and Professional. The free version lets anyone to recover around 2GB of files, however if a user wants to recover files of larger size then they can get the professional version.

What all can be recovered and from where?

For any recovery software to help you get your deleted file, it should be comprehensive when it comes to various types of files. EaseUS offers support for almost all type of files ranging from document, image, video, audio, and even compressed zip files.

Another important aspect for a recovery software is that it should be able to go beyond our laptop’s storage to recover files. The EaseUS data recover wizard doesn’t lacks in this respect as well with support for hard-disk, external hard-disk, pen drive, solid state disk, memory card, iPod or music/ video players and much more.

The software also support various kinds of partitions such as FAT, NTFS and ext 2, ext 3, etc.

EaseUS Options

Types of recovery

The software offers very intuitive interface and allows users to recover their files in three modes:

1)      Deleted Recovery- This is the simplest mode where in users can recover the files which were deleted by pressing delete button or shift + del button or emptying the recycle bin.

EaseUS- Deleted File Recovery

2)      Complete Recovery- This helps in recovering the files if the hard drive is formatted or files are lost due to crashing of the system. It can also work if the pen drive/ memory card is throwing some error.

EaseUS- Complete Recovery

3)      Partition recovery- If the partition is deleted, or virus has infected the hard drive, then this mode can help in recovering the deleted files.

EaseUS- Partition Recovery


We tried the software for recovering deleted files from one partition of the hard-disk as well as a pen drive. The software works brilliantly and even lets us choose the type of file we want to specifically recover. It can also showcase preview of images to assure us that the files can be easily recovered.

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