Create Your Own Dynamic Online Store with WixStores

Are you looking to create an eCommerce site for your online business and haven’t been able to find great developers? WixStores is a great online store builder that helps you develop or create your ecommerce site by following a few steps. WixStores is the best place to get everything you want in order to build professionally-looking and dynamic online stores.

Getting Started with WixStores

First of all, you need to register on WixStores through your Google+ or Facebook account or email address.

WixStores Log in

After logging into, next step is to start up your website. You can find a whole lot of free templates to choose from as per your needs. All you need to click on “Create a New Website” or “Start Creating Now” button to get started. After that, it will show you the next screen in which you have to choose category.


Then you can choose the template according to your needs.

WixStores template

After selecting the template and viewing its looks, next thing you have to do is to edit it as per your needs. After clicking the “Edit” button, it will open editor window where you can make changes in the template. It can automatically generate the mobile optimized version of your website. So, any changes you make in desktop version of your website will be applied to the mobile version too.

You can also find other options on the left side of the site. You can edit all the pages with “Pages” option in the template. With “Design” option, you can design the pages by changing background or color. You can also change the hierarchy of page and make changes in the setting in each and every page, such as SEO, name, Layout, Privacy etc.

You can change background color or images in “Design” option. You can click “+” sign to add more elements to your website.

Once all the editing tasks are done, you can save the changes, preview them and publish the site to make it live. On the top left corner of your website, you can edit mobile version and it will open the mobile editor.

Tips to Make Your Online Store

First of all, click on “Start Creating Site” option and then “WixStores” icon. Now go for “Manage Store” option and you will immediately be taken to the WixStores store manager. Here you will see these options:

  • Payments Option – You can choose the payment mode in payment tab. There are a few options to choose from such as credit cards, offline payments and PayPal.
  • Add Product – On “Products” tab, you can access all the products. You can click “+Add Product” to include a new product on your site. You can enter the information like price, name, images and etc.
  • Shipping – It is yet another amazing feature. You will be asked the place where you want to sell, from the WixStores manager. Then you can decide whether you like to sell products only in specific areas or across the country. After that, you can add handling charges and other fee. You can also estimate shipping charges and add your decided rules for shipping.
  • Coupons – By clicking on “Coupon” tab, you can include coupons and enter the details required for the site. You can choose from three types of coupons – percentage discount, US Dollars discount or free shipping.