DND Manager TRAI Spam Blocker: Get rid of Pesky Spam Calls and Messages

Spam- Use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages (spam), especially advertising, indiscriminately.

With the evolving modern communication, spam has become a huge problem for everyone. Be it those millions of dollars lottery winning email, or annoying telemarketing messages and calls about buying house, joining a course, and what not. While spam mails can be easily handled thanks to Gmail’s robust spam detection and one click spam reporting button, the same can’t be said about messages and calls.

All of us, probably know about ‘National Do Not Call Registry’ (NDNC), an initiative by government to stop unscrupulous communications. Through this registry, the telemarketers were banned to call or send spam messages to the subscribers registered to this list. On paper, this may sound great, but in actuality, the registry has not been very effective and hence become sort of a joke. There are numerous reasons for the same, with the most important being many people don’t know about it. But, even more than that, registering for NDNC is not easy as it may sound. Users can selectively register themselves for particular categories, and that’s where confusion kicks in. This is because, even messages coming from our bank, e-commerce websites, etc. would also be stopped if one registers for NDNC for all categories. Last but not the least for less effectiveness of NDNC would be attributed to the fact that people do not complaint about the spam messages or calls they are getting and thus no concrete steps can be taken against them.

Don’t worry, we don’t want to confuse you, that’s why we bring to you an extremely easy to use and effective solution to this problem: DND Manager TRAI Spam Blocker. This is an Android app and runs on Android version 2.2 Froyo and above. Here’s the review of the app:

Interface and Features

DND Manager has very user-friendly interface with all things are divided neatly into four tabs. The first one is ‘Category’ which we mentioned as earlier can be used to register one’s number for NDNC. Users can choose all the categories to block communication, or can only chose some of them. For example, choosing Real Estate category will make sure that users do not receive any spams from real estate companies.

DND Manager Screenshot 1

One important feature, which makes this app even better is that it lets users report the spam messages or calls to TRAI. This will ensure that a strict action would be taken against from regulatory. So, the app will list down the calls and messages from the numbers, which are not saved in users’ contacts in the second and third tab, respectively. Users can simply select the call(s)/ message(s), which they want to report and the app will send a message to TRAI in the specified format. However, the SMS is not free and users will be paying normal SMS charges for it. The app only shows messages and calls from last three days, as the TRAI rule states that only communication received within three days can be reported.

DND Manager Screenshot 2

The last tab is for more, which brings settings option and ignore list. Settings allow user to change the format of the SMS, if the other format is not working correctly. Other options in this menu, lets the user share this app with their friends on social media.

DND Manager Screenshot 3


To be straightforward, the app works as it says. It was very easy to register and deregister for specific categories through the app rather than searching which category is for what and what SMS to be sent.

DND Manager Screenshot 4

The reporting mechanism also works seamlessly, as the app itself brings up notification whenever it detects message or call from unsaved number. It will automatically show a preformatted message to report it. We got our complaint number within few hours and the assurance that the unsolicited communication from that number will take place again.

DND Manager Screenshot 5

DND Manager Screenshot 6


Overall, we are really impressed by the way the DND Manager TRAI Spam Blocker handles the every growing and annoying problem of spam. Without any special efforts from the users, the app makes it very easier for them to register for NDNC and even directly report the calls/ messages.

Download the app from here and get rid of the pesky spam calls and messages!